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Chapter 4

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Special servcies Boston Commercial Painters offerChapter 4: Special and “secret” services a Commercial Painter Might Offer

Now that you’ve got down the basics and the terminology of Commercial Painting, you might ask the Boston Commercial Painting Company if they offer any of the following services:

Most of these should be at no additional cost to you unless otherwise stated below.

Rush jobs to meet a tight deadline.

Usually, a good Commercial Painting Company can meet your tight deadline at no additional cost.

  • Many good Commercial Painters know that rush jobs happen. You may need to paint a peeling wall for an inspection. Fast. In many cases, Commercial Painting Companies in the Boston area often have a “rush painting crew” to help our Clients out of a timeframe bind.

Your Boston Commercial Painting Company should automatically add you or your company to their insurance policy as “additional insured” at no additional cost to you.

  • InsuranceMost reputable Commercial Painting Contractors have robust and expensive insurance. By adding you or your company as “additional insured,” you’re protected from a painter who hands you a Certificate of Insurance that looks unexpired, only to find out that they haven’t paid their insurance bill and the policy has lapsed. This happens all the time in the Boston area, and you can protect yourself from this by requesting to be added to their insurance as “additional insured.”
  • All insurance certificates should be emailed to you DIRECTLY from the insurance company and not handed or emailed to you by the Commercial Painting Company themselves. This is to ensure the certificate of insurance has not been tampered with or altered to contain false or misleading information. Again, tampered insurance policies are a real problem in Boston, so protect yourself.
  • As an “additional insured” company on the painter’s insurance policy, you now have the right to call the insurance company to ensure the insurance is in force. Also, by being an “additional insured” party on the policy, if the insurance policy does lapse or the Boston Commercial Painting Company doesn’t pay its bill, you will be contacted by mail directly by the insurance company.
  • If your Commercial Painting Company’s insurance expires during the middle of your project, don’t pay your final bill until the insurance company sends you an updated and unexpired policy.

Ask about discounts and seasonal offers:

  • Because Commercial Painters paint both exteriors and interiors, the winter months (especially January and February in Boston) are “slow” because exteriors cannot be painted in the cold weather. This means most Commercial Painting Contractors have more than enough painters ready to paint interiors in the wintertime and are happy to discount it about 20% from their high season (April-November) prices.
  • Night and weekend painting should be at no additional charge to you:
  • Ask your Commercial Painter to paint overnight or on the weekends to help keep your business running smoothly during your daytime business hours. This service should not cost you extra money.

See if your Boston Commercial Painting Company can handle other aspects of the project, so you’re not managing multiple trades. 

    • See if your Commercial Painting Contractor offers “one-stop shopping services” such as carpentry teams that can repair rotted wood before the paint is applied.

    • This way, you don’t have to hire a separate carpenter before you paint.
    • color consultationIt’s not uncommon for a Commercial Painter to give you a quote to fix wood rot on your building with the caveat that they might come across more rotted wood as they work on the exterior. It’s almost impossible to find every shingle or trim board that needs fixing unless painters are at work, on ladders “feeling with their hands” for wood for rot in high and hard-to-reach spots.

Color Consultation

You can negotiate warranty and payment terms with your Boston Commercial Painting Company:

  • You want to make sure to see a formal written warranty and a structured warranty process. Paint does “fail” (peeling, bubbling, and blistering), and failure usually occurs within the first 6-months of application. Paint failures happen and aren’t usually a problem to fix, but if you can’t get your Boston Commercial Painting Contractor to come back to re-paint for you, you’re going to spend more money fixing it with another company.
  • You are also likely able to negotiate payment terms upfront that fit your budget and cash flow.

Specialized paint applications and equipment to save time and money:

Getting extra services from your Boston Commercial Painting Company:

Make sure the Commercial Painting Company assures you that a dedicated Job Site Supervisor AND Field Supervisor will be at your project, so you are not managing the painting project yourself.

Now that you know about all of the services that Boston Commercial Painting Companies might offer read the next chapter to see how much it should cost you to hire them.

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