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Raising the standard of painting contractors on the South Shore:

Our primary goal is to make the painting process as easy as possible for our customers.

We update our online painting schedule every week so you know when we'll be able to start your project.

Our website is updated weekly with how soon we can start your project, once you accept our quote. No other painter in the Boston area posts their timelines.

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Transparent Pricing

We’re proud of our interior and exterior residential prices and publish our interior and exterior painting prices right here on our website. This gives you a sense of our average pricing before we quote your project. We're the only painting company in the Boston area to do this.

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We treat your home like our own.

Our staff is trained to listen to what is important to you and execute your vision.

For example, if your baby is napping at 1 pm, we will not work near the baby’s room.

If you want your home to be painted the same color as another home in your town, we'll drive by that home to take photos to ensure we're all on the same page.

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In-home help choosing exterior and interior paint colors

We have color-consultants on staff to help our customers in their homes choose the perfect color for their interior or exterior. This is a free service once you decide to have us paint for you, and makes a big difference in the outcome of the project. Historical colors are our specialty – take a look at the fan-deck we collaborated on with Sherwin Williams called “Colors of the South Shore.” We even provide a computer rendering of your home in different colors after we give you a quote - no purchase necessary! Be sure to tell our estimators that you'd like a color rendering so you can better visualize a how the colors you're thinking about will look like on your home.

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Easy Scheduling

You can schedule a quote online or by calling 781-585-7246. If we're not in the office, our calls are forwarded to our answering service is open until 11 pm most nights and can make appointments with our estimators.
You can even email [email protected] with your name/address/cell your availability, and we'll email back with some open times to meet.

We deliver what we promise.

Delivering what we promise is our ONLY mission and this motto is plastered in posters throughout our office and discussed at every meeting. In order to stand above other contractors, we deliver what we promise on every painting project, large and small.

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We Arrive on Time

Our estimators run on-time and will rarely be late (in the event they run into “Boston traffic” they will give you plenty of notice by calling ahead).

No Pressure Sales

There is no pressure to buy anything and all estimates are free. We consider ourselves educators, not salespeople. In fact, we ask lots of questions that have nothing to do with painting, just to make the job go smoothly.

We’ve even been known to tell clients that they don’t need to paint if their paint still has a few years of life left!

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Payment & Financing Options

We accept cash, checks, credit cards and ACH bank transfers. You can paint now and pay later with our 6-month financing.

Flexible Scheduling & Rush Jobs

We want to work with your timeframe and even have designated crews for rush jobs.

If you’re putting your home on the market and having an open house, let us know, and we’ll make sure we’re done for the big day.

Happy Customers

Most of our customers are repeat customers or word-of-mouth. If you are referred by one of our existing clients, let us know so we can thank them personally and send them a gift card.

Click here to read some reviews from our customers.

Easy to Understand Quotes

Our quotes are typewritten and clear.

The entire project is spelled out in words and photos on your quote so you are sure we understand what you want to be done, and we're all on the same page.

Fast Quotes

We give you your quote quickly - either on the spot (our estimators have printers in their cars) or by email within a day. We try to raise the bar for contractors by actually getting your quote to you fast.

We Keep You Informed

If we find any additional work while we’re working on your home (i.e. rotted boards that were too high to notice at the estimate appointment), we will bring them to your attention pronto. Of course will get permission from you before completing any extra work.

We have a process for everything, and make sure that our customers understand each step of their project along the way.

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Projects of All Sizes

We can work with budgets both large and small. It’s important to let us know your budget so we can choose products and techniques to maximize it.

For example, we paint many homes right before they go on the market, and knowing this we are able to freshen up the home for real estate showings without breaking the bank.

Carpenters on Staff

While many painters only paint, we have carpenters on staff to fix any rotting wood before we paint.

This means we are a “one stop shop,” which our busy Boston-area customers appreciate. A majority of South Shore and Boston-area homes we paint require some carpentry first.

boston area carpenter

If issues arise we “run to the problem.”

Everyone from our office staff to our field supervisors understands that if there are issues on a project that we move quickly to solve them.

We encourage our Clients to bring up small issues as soon as they arise, so we can work to fix them.

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Fantastic Online Reviews

We have hundreds of online reviews from people in your town.

Take a read of our reviews here and Google “CertaPro South Shore MA reviews” for even more.

We're Local to the South Shore area.

Paige and Lou NeJame, the owners of CertaPro Painters since 2004 live in Duxbury and ensure that jobs stay on the South Shore.

We also give back to tons of South Shore and Boston-area organizations.

CertaPro Painters logo on Sponsor a Highway sign on Route 3 in Hingham

We Respect Your Time & Property

We work around your family's and business' routines and schedules. This means we won’t paint near a napping toddler's room, and if you need your business painted, we can do the project at night or on weekends so we don’t disrupt your business.

We Warranty Our Work

Paige and Louis NeJame, the owners of CertaPro of the South Shore and Boston area, are supported by a national franchise of over 330 other CertaPro locations. This means we are well-informed and our warranty is real.

certapro crew painting interior of home

Licenced and Insured

We have liability and worker’s compensation policies plus a $5 million umbrella policy that is the “gold standard” on insurance. Very few Massachusetts painting companies are this highly insured.

We have lots of certifications to work in your property, including:
- EPA Lead Certification
- General Contractor’s license
- Registered home improvement contractor with the state of Massachusetts

If you'd like to be added to our policy as "additional insured," we're happy to add this extra protection for you at no additional cost.

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Helpful resources for DIYers

We offer tons of helpful advice for DIYers.

In fact, if you get stuck on a DIY project, give us a shout at [email protected], and we'll help you through your painting issue (for free!).

Chartreuse Walls in a baby nursery

Responsive & Polite

Our office is responsive.

If there is an issue on your project, we will fix it fast.

Our painters and field staff are well-trained and polite and want to make you happy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will it cost to paint my home?

Take a look at our pricing guide to see pricing of some common interior and exterior painting projects around Boston’s South Shore.

How soon can I get a painting quote?

We can usually meet you within a few days to perform a quote, but if you need to meet us sooner just email [email protected] with your availability and we’ll do our best to meet you sooner. After we’ve met with you, we’ll have you a quote either on the spot or by email within 24 business hours.

I can’t be home, can you give me a price for my painting project without me being there?

For exteriors, we can drive by your home, walk around and email you a quote. Email [email protected] to let us know what EXACTLY you’d like us to quote and we’ll come out within a week and email you the quote. Please be very specific about what you’d like painted and include things like shutters, doors, gutters, sheds etc.  Include your address and cell number please.

For interiors feel free to send us a video or photos or a video, a detailed description of what you’d like painted and we’ll get you a quote by email. Send your photos/video and description to [email protected].

Can you paint at my business?

Yes! We have painted for hundreds South Shore and Boston businesses. Here’s our Commercial Painting guide that describes the Commercial Services we offer.