Pay Your Deposit or Final Bill Here

Pay your deposit or final bill by e-check or credit card by clicking the ACH or E-Check links below.

Your deposit is 25% of the proposal’s total cost.

Click here to pay your bill by ACH “E-Check”
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There is no charge to pay by ACH.


Click here to pay your bill by credit cardYellow credit card

A 3.5% convenience charge is added by our processor.  This fee is not our favorite thing either, but alas, it’s what they charge.


Can I sign my contract with ink and pay with a paper check?

hand siging with pen

Yes! If you’d rather sign your proposal with a pen, just sign it and snap a picture of the signed contract, and email it to us at [email protected].

You can even (snail) mail the check and signed proposal to us at CertaPro, 137 Weymouth Street, Rockland, MA 02370.


I paid my deposit, what’s next?

Once you pay your deposit and sign your contract via Adobe ESign, you are added to our schedule. Our Office Manager will reach out to you when you’re “on deck” to paint.  See below for specifics:

When will I get the Adobe E-sign to “sign”?


If you haven’t gotten it already, we will send this to you within a few days of you telling us you’d like us to paint. During the spring and summer, our office is at its busiest, so it may take up to a week after you tell us that you’d like us to paint for you to get your paperwork.  Check your spam email folder to see if it’s there if you haven’t received it.

Important:  Your Adobe E-Sign email message contains your approximate start window in the subject line – jot this down.  We will be back in touch with you about a week prior to this timeframe to give you a more exact date.



When will you start my project?

CalendarOnce you’ve paid your deposit, you are placed on our schedule in a queue.  This queue is much like a line a the deli where everyone has taken a number.  Because of wet weather on exterior projects, we don’t know exactly how long each project in front of yours will take, but look at your Adobe E-Sign for an approximate date.

A few days before your crew is ready to start, our Office Manager will contact you to let you know you’re “on deck” to start.

If you are having a party and need the painting done by a deadline, be sure to tell your Salesperson your timeframe.  This way, if we can accommodate you, we will!


Once we start your project, what should I expect?

Powerwashing (Exteriors only):

power washing white home

If your proposal includes power washing, we often wash your home a few days before we start to paint. This is to allow it to dry after the wash.  If you’re interested in a day-by-day progression of an exterior painting job, we had one of our customers keep a journal with photos while we were painting.




Table saw cutting wood

If your proposal includes carpentry, we often do the carpentry at the same time we’re preparing your home.




Getting us your paint colors:

paint colors chips

If you haven’t already given them to us, email your paint colors to [email protected]. If you are still undecided on colors on the first day, ask our job site supervisor to sample your finalists for you.




The first day of your project:

Painter in white CertaPro T shirt with gray wall

We’ll need you for about 10 minutes to review the project’s scope with you again to make sure we’re all on the same page.




Once your project starts – don’t hesitate to call us if something is not right:

White illustration of a home with question mark in the middle

Our Field Supervisors will stop by your home to make sure everything’s going well. If there is anything ever causing you concern, call our office Manager at (781) 336-8559 so he can direct a Supervisor to your home pronto! Catching issues quickly is the key to happy outcomes all around.



But what if my issue seems “small?”

Hand with pointer finger on top and thumb on bottom





Still call our Office Manager (781) 336-8559. We like to solve problems when they are still small!


Still have questions?

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Email our Office Manager at [email protected]. No question is too small!