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Professional Painters in Rockland, Massachusetts

CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston offers professional interior and exterior painting services to the Rockland, Massachusetts service area. In addition to interior and exterior painting services we offer several home improvement services including Color Consultation, Power Washing, Stucco Repairs and Painting, and Painting and Staining. If you’re interested in our services, the first step is to request a free estimate either by filling out the form online, or by calling us at 781-585-7246.

Our Painting Services for Rockland, MA customers:

Rockland is the home to our office and we paint for many of our neighbors as a result. We also Sponsor the Highway on Route 3 close to Exit 14 as a way to give back to Rockland.

Residentially, We’ve painted many Rockland families and Our Commercial department has painted for many of the tenants and artists who call many of Rockland’s former factory buildings their office and studio.


Rockland interior and exterior color choices:

Our exterior and interior color designer help’s our Rockland Clients choose colors that blend with the Rockland’s community feel. We can help you choose a color that looks right at home in your Rockland neighborhood, while still standing out as well. Many Rockland Colonials, Capes and Ranches throughout the town have also been painted by CertaPro Painters in the past 20 years we’ve been in town.

Preparation is the key to a lasting paint job

We start with first-rate preparation to your home’s surface. This way your painting project will stand up better to the harsh winters and hot summers in Rockland. And since many Rockland homes were built before 1978, they may contain lead paint. Because we’re lead-safe renovators can prepare your home safely before applying paint.

Which exterior paint do we recommend for Rockland homes?

Even though every home is different, but there are some paints we recommend again and again on Rockland because they work better with Rockland’s unique coastal climate. The grade of paint you choose makes a difference to the final outcome, and we often recommend Sherwin Williams Resilience on exterior trim and Benjamin Moore Arborcoat solid stain for clapboards on Rockland homes.

Rockland decks and porches

Many Rockland homes have decks and porches that need maintenance.

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Some tips for your Rockland painting projects:

Rockland exterior painting tips:

Harsh weather and salt air: Because Rockland is near the coast, coastal storms can wear away at your exterior. We use paint and staining products that specifically help combat the wear your Rockland home will endure during our hot summers and harsh New England winters.

Rotted wood trim, shingles and clapboards are a concern on Rockland exteriors. Rockland’s climate is often so severe that wood rots on most Rockland homes we work on. This is why we have carpenters on staff to fix your wood prior to painting. If you see rotted wood on your Rockland home’s exterior, make sure to replace the wood as soon as possible. This way water won’t get inside the wood any further. We’re happy to replace your rotted wood with either PVC or wood – whichever is within your budget.

Cedar Shingle Maintenance: Shingles are durable and beautiful and are seen throughout the town of Rockland’s residences. Many Rockland clients want their shingles to “gray” over time, while other homeowners add a coating on their shingles to protect them and keep them from graying. Either way, we are experienced at shingle maintenance, powerwashing and staining the many cedar shingles of Rockland Mass!

Painting the inside of your Rockland home:

Rockland homes, both old and new, have a number of different types of floor plans, and each requires a different approach to choosing colors that work as a whole throughout the home:

Open-floor plan homes are popular in newer and renovated Rockland homes and often are painted with a color palette of one or two colors and tones. This allows the open floor plan to flow nicely and not seem choppy. Painting too many colors in an open floor plan home is often too stimulating and not cohesive enough for the open space.

Our designer often recommends adding a pop of color to first floor powder rooms as a safe way to experiment with a single bold color.

The interiors of older Rockland residences are often nicely separated by walls and can handle separate and different room colors. Many Rockland homes have stucco walls that benefit from a fresh coat of paint as well.

We are also experienced at working with teens and tweens who want to choose their own bedroom color. Our designer can make sure your teen’s bedroom expresses their individuality, without looking out of place in your home – we understand this delicate balance!

If you have any questions about painting your Rockland or South Shore home, please email us at [email protected]. Even if you’re not hiring us to paint your home, we’re happy to answer you questions to help your DIY project go more smoothly.

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I had my house painted almost five years ago and it still looks great. Their job estimates are very fair and done in a timely fashion. I’m now having my porch painted. They’re very thorough, professional and meticulous.

- Daniel W. | Rockland, MA

Daniel W. | Rockland, MA

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Painting Services in Rockland, MA

See below for our full list of services offered in Rockland. Click any of the services below for more information.

Check out our Brick Painting and Staining

Brick Painting and Staining

At CertaPro Painters of the South Shore and Boston region, we can help you paint or stain your exterior or interior brick. The decision to painting or stain over brick on your home should be considered carefully because it's not easily reversible. That being said, painting or staining over brick often gives a fresh and uniform look to the brick that makes your home look less industrial and more, well, like a home. Our free color consultant can work with you at your home to choose a color that will help you love the result.

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Check out our Color Consultation (Complimentary!)

Color Consultation (Complimentary!)

Our designer Kate will work with you in your home to choose colors that coordinate with your current interior furnishings. We can also help you choose colors for your home’s exterior and have extensive experience getting exterior colors historically accurate. This means if you want to blend into the South Shore’s historic districts, we can make this happen. Color consulting is a free service to all of our customers and is time well spent because it results in a look that you'll love.

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Check out our Interior Carpentry and Molding Installation Services

Interior Carpentry and Molding Installation Services

Installing crown and dental moldings, wainscot and other decorative moldings is a project for our skilled carpenters. Many South Shore customers have us install "picture framing" beneath a chair rail and then paint it white for the look of expensive molding for much less money.

Learn More

Check out our Deck & Fence Painting and Staining

Deck & Fence Painting and Staining

At CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston we offer a variety of interior and exterior home painting and staining services, including your home’s deck and fencing. Regardless of the room inside your home that needs an update or the area of your home’s exterior that needs protection from Mother Nature, our team works with you to determine the best plan of action for your home.

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Check out our Drywall, plaster, and horsehair plaster repair

Drywall, plaster, and horsehair plaster repair

CertaPro Painters of the Boston-area can prepare and repair your drywall, plaster, and horsehair plaster walls before painting them. Whether your home has water damage or has walls that need patching and sanding, CertaPro Painters of the South Shore will patch, sand, and prime your walls to create a smooth surface to apply paint.

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Check out our EPA Lead Certified

EPA Lead Certified

At CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston we are EPA Lead Certified. This means that if we are performing a renovation, repair or painting project that disturbs lead-based paint in your home, we use certified renovators who are trained by EPA-approved training providers and follow lead-safe work practices.

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Check out our Epoxy Finishes to your concrete floor

Epoxy Finishes to your concrete floor

Epoxy coatings help your garage, and basement floors seem polished and more “finished.” By locking in the concrete dust that gets kicked up when people drive or walk on concrete, these coatings can keep the rest of your home cleaner as well.

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Check out our Kitchen Cabinet Repainting

Kitchen Cabinet Repainting

Your outdated kitchen cabinets cause your home to feel less modern and fresh. At CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston our free designer will work with you to find a new color for your cabinets that meets the needs of your home and daily routine. Our customers tell us that painting their kitchen cabinets has been the single biggest "boost" in the look of their homes!

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Check out our Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

While popcorn ceilings had their time on top trends lists, they are rarely seen in modern homes. Removing a popcorn ceiling yourself can be extremely difficult. The crew at CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Bostonis trained to remove popcorn ceilings in an effective way that will leave your ceilings feeling fresh. Because popcorn ceilings trap dirt and dust, this is a popular project for allergy sufferers!

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Check out our Power Washing

Power Washing

Power washing is a vital step in painting the exterior of your home. CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston uses the process to remove mold, oil and old paint so new paint absorbs into your surface better.

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Check out our Shingle Maintenance and Staining

Shingle Maintenance and Staining

Cedar shingles are a staple of South Shore and Boston area homes and require occasional power washing and staining to keep them looking great and protected.

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Check out our Stucco Repairs and Painting

Stucco Repairs and Painting

As with any other home exterior, it’s important to maintain the stucco or EIFS (also known as synthetic stucco) covering your home. The CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston team is very knowledgeable in both repairs and painting related to these two materials and will work alongside you to determine what services your home needs.

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Check out our Carpentry & Wood Repair

Carpentry & Wood Repair

Because there is so much wood on South Shore and Boston area exteriors, almost 60% of our painting projects start with some sort of wood repair before we paint. Our busy customers appreciate that we can do the whole painting job for them, without having to coordinate an outside carpenter to repair rotted wood, clapboards, trim, deck and porch boards and replace shingles for them. Our carpenters can also add trim including wainscot, dental molding, crown molding and door casings to your home to give it a finished look.

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Check out our Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

CertaPro Painters’ painting teams use products designed to adhere to aluminum and vinyl. Since the surface of aluminum and vinyl is more stable than wood, the paint finish holds up well when painted. This is a great and cost-effective option if your vinyl or aluminium siding is chalking or faded.

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We had a GREAT experience with CertaPro! The estimate process was easy and the painting crew was wonderful—great attention to detail, very respectful, and friendly.

- Sonia T.

Sonia T.

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  • red painted shingle home in rockland maCertaPro Painters® – Trusted & Referred Painting Contractors

Finding the best contractor among all local painting contractors saves you valuable time and money in the long run. Choosing from all the local painting companies may seem a little daunting at first. If so, evaluate them all based on the below key points.

Keep Three Things in Mind When Choosing From Various Painting Contractors

  • Company Reputation: How are previous customers describing their experience with the painting company?
  • Written Proposal: Is their proposal detailed and in writing? Or does it seem like an informal estimate?
  • Professionalism: What is your first impression of the sales representative / estimator? Also, were all of your questions or concerns addressed? And are you confident with their answers to your questions?

Three Reasons CertaPro Painters® became the BEST Local Painting Contractor

  • Company Reputation: CertaPro Painters is your most trusted and referred local painter. Since you are already here, read our reviews.
  • Written Proposal: CertaPro Painters provides detailed, customized written proposals at the time of your appointment, while also backing our work with a  written warranty.
  • Professionalism: CertaPro Painters is the brand of Certainty. We deliver what we promise, on time and on budget.

Keep these things in mind as you talk with various contractors. You will quickly learn CertaPro Painters is the best contractor for your painting project, by far.

Hiring the best painting contractor makes all the difference. As a result you’ll get beautiful finishes and a smooth, positive customer experience.

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