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CertaPro’s Exterior and Interior Carpentry & Wood Repair Services

Because there is so much wood on the South Shore and Boston area exteriors, almost 60% of our painting projects start with some wood repair before we paint.

One-stop shopping for your interior and exterior carpentry needs:

Our busy customers appreciate that we can do the whole painting job for them without coordinating an outside carpenter to repair rotted wood, clapboards, trim, deck, and porch boards and replace shingles for them.  For our interior clients, we can install decorative moldings such as wainscot, chair rails, and crown molding.

Small and large carpentry projects for your interior or exterior:

Our skilled carpenters can do everything from replacing a few shingles to installing crown molding and replacing your windows, clapboards and trim.

For more information

Look at our comprehensive guide to wood replacement on the South Shore and in the Boston suburbs.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

We’re happy to answer your questions, even if you’re doing the woodwork or painting yourself.

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Exterior Carpentry Services

Many area wood homes need some carpentry before we paint – here are some of the carpentry services we offer:

We have carpenters on staff to replace rotted wood common to homes on the South Shore, South Coast, Plymouth, and Boston-areas.

Shingle replacement – whether you need your whole home re-shingled or replace a few cedar shingles that were blown off by the wind last winter, we can handle the job.

Clapboard replacement – if a few clapboards are rotted, we’ll replace them before we paint. If you need the whole side of your home re-boarded, we can handle that, too.

PVC Trim replacement – We recommend replacing the rotted wood boards with PVC (like Azek) so they won’t rot again. You don’t have to replace all of your trim with PVC, just the rotted boards. The PVC will blend nicely with your original trim after it is painted. Historically accurate molding shapes that blend with the South Shore and Boston-area antique homes now come in PVC material!

Wood Trim replacement – If budget is a concern, we can replace your rotted trim boards with wood. Lots of our customers who are moving or putting their homes on the market choose wood materials over the more expensive PVC boards because they will not be in their homes long enough for the “investment” in PVC to pay off.

Sill replacement – Window sills tend to rot quickly for many reasons, including:
Older sills may not be “back-primed” before they are installed. This means that the wood on the sill may not be primed and therefore protected along the cuts, and can let the water soak in easily.  Also, the unusual shapes of window sills allow water to enter them easily, and inexpensive sill window sill materials such as finger-jointed wood tend to rot quickly.

Woodpecker holes filled – Before we paint, we will fill any woodpecker holes your home has.  If the holes are especially large, we’ll replace the whole piece of wood.  Woodpecker holes are a common complaint on the South Shore, especially in the spring and fall.

unfinished cedar close up

Other exterior carpentry services include:

  • Front door replacement
  • Soffit replacement
  • Installation of aluminum and wood gutters (yes, wood gutters are a “thing” for a few of our South Shore customers!)
  • Deckboard replacement: We can replace your deck floorboards and railings before we stain your deck.
  • Fence fixes: We can replace rotted wood on your fence.

Our most asked exterior carpentry question:  “What material should I use to replace my exterior trim? PVC or Wood?”

Depending on your budget, we use wood (less expensive) or PVC (more expensive) to replace the rotted exterior wood on your home or building.

Advantages of PVC replacement boards for your exterior:

PVC, such as the brand name Azek, is a cellular vinyl material that’s used in the building industry because it is more durable than wood because it doesn’t expand and contract as easily as wood does.  If you’ll be in your home for a long time, splicing in PVC to the trim on your home is likely worth the extra expense.  To clarify, we don’t have to replace ALL of your trim with PVC, we can simply splice in PVC on rotted wood boards so the vulnerable areas (like the boards near the ground) don’t rot in the future.

Once painted, PVC looks nearly identical to wood so that it won’t change the look of your home at all.  Some companies even make historically accurate profiles of old antique wood trim now that we can use to keep your antique home authentic-looking but updated with modern materials

If you won’t live in your home for long and aren’t concerned with longevity, we can use less-expensive wood to replace the rotted boards on your home to save money.

photo of hands laying in a single mahogany deck floorboards

Exterior Carpentry Project Before & After

See below to see before and after photos of a siding install / repair and painting project we completed in the area. Click on the images to zoom in.

Interior Carpentry and Molding Installation Services

Our skilled carpenters can replace and install decorative moldings in your home before we paint including:


Crown Moulding Installation

Crown Moulding Installation

Door Installation

Door Installation

Baseboard Trim Installation

Baseboard Trim Installation

Interior painting

Interior painting

Window Sill Replacement

Window Sill Replacement



Interior Carpentry Before & After

See below to see before and after photos of a window seat project we did for a Kingston, MA customer. Click on the images to zoom in.

Bench In Progress

Bench In Progress

South Shore, MA

After Painting & Carpentry Work

After Painting & Carpentry Work

South Shore, MA

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