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Carpentry & Wood Repair Services in the South Shore & Boston Areas

Because there is so much wood on South Shore and Boston area exteriors, almost 60% of our painting projects start with some sort of wood repair before we paint.

One-stop shopping

Our busy customers appreciate that we can do the whole painting job for them, without having to coordinate an outside carpenter to repair rotted wood, clapboards, trim, deck and porch boards and replace shingles for them.

Small and large carpentry projects

Our skilled carpenters can do everything from replacing a few shingles to replacing your windows, clapboards and trim.

Should I replace my exterior trim with PVC or Wood?

Depending on your budget, we use wood (less expensive) or PVC (more expensive) to replace the rotted exterior wood on your home or building.

PVC is a cellular vinyl material that’s used in the building industry because it is more durable than wood because it doesn’t expand and contract as easily as wood does.

Once painted, PVC looks nearly identical to wood, so it won’t change the look of your home at all.

PVC products are often known by their brand names like Azek.

If we are using wood to replace the rotted boards on your home, it is likely due to budgetary issues or if you’re moving in the next few years and aren’t concerned about longevity.

For more information

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to wood replacement on the South Shore and in the Boston suburbs.

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