Ultimate Guide To Hiring a Boston Commercial Painter

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Boston Commercial Painter

In this complete guide to hiring a Boston Commercial Painting Company (or any trade), you’ll learn:

  • The difference between a commercial and residential painting company.
  • How to: interview, check references, insurance & licenses of Boston Commercial Painting Companies (or any trade).
  • Pricing a commercial painting project in the Boston-area.
  • Insider tips on hiring a Boston commercial painting company.

Let’s jump right in.

Chapter 1: The difference between Commercial and Residential Painting companies.

In this chapter we’ll explore the following topics:

  • The reasons a business would have to hire a Commercial Painter versus a “regular” (residential) house painter.
  • The different skills a Commercial Painter can provide vs. a Residential House Painter
  • Several examples of jobs where a Commercial Painter would be a better choice than a Residential painter
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Chapter 2: Finding a Boston Commercial Painting Company.

You’ll learn about how to best find a Commercial Painter from the following places:

  • Internet reviews – which ones to trust and why
  • Word of mouth – who to ask for a referral if you don’t know anyone who has used a Commercial Painter in the Boston area before
  • Internet searches – how to discern between a residential painter and a commercial painter on the internet and what search terms should you include in your Google Search.

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Chapter 3: Questions to ask a Boston Commercial Painting Company.

This chapter will cover:

  • The importance of setting up an “apples-to-apples” spec off of all Boston Commercial Painters can then structure their bids.
  • 9 crucial questions to ask the commercial painter in the quoting stage (This is a printable PDF that you can keep handy)
  • Invoicing considerations if you are splitting the cost with different tenants or businesses.

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Special servcies Boston Commercial Painters offer

Chapter 4: Insider tips and services your Commercial Painting Company may offer for free.

You’ll learn some “secret” services that your Commercial Painter may offer if you know to ask about them (many of them at no additional charge!) including:

  • Rush jobs to meet a tight deadline.
  • Adding you to their insurance policy as “additional insured” at no additional cost to you.
  • The months of the year where most Boston Commercial Painters are so slow they’ll discount the project 20%.
  • Night and weekend work so your business isn’t disrupted during working hours.
  • “One stop shopping services” such as carpentry teams that can fix rotted wood before the paint is applied, so you don’t have to hire a separate contractor before you paint.
  • Color consultation by a Boston area designer so the colors you are painting are on-trend and match with your property’s current furnishings
  • A written warranty and a structured warranty process.
  • Payment terms that can be negotiated up front.
  • Specialized coatings to be sure the paint lasts as long as possible.
  • Paint application methods for commercial jobs (hint: brushing and rolling might cost you more!).
  • A dedicated Job Site Supervisor AND Field Supervisor for the project so you are not managing the painting project yourself.
  • Why having a great relationship with the Project Manager at the Boston-area Commercial Painting Contractor is the most important part of your satisfaction.
  • Chapter 4 includes a Printable PDF checklist so you have a list of special services handy during the quoting phase of the project when it’s easy to “throw a few special services in for free.”
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Chapter 5: Pricing a Commercial Painting Job in the Boston area.

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • Commercial painting pricing vs. residential painting pricing that’s specific to the Boston area.
  • 3 secret ways most painters can save you money if you just ask on your Boston-are Commercial Painting Project.
  • Why it’s less expensive to hire a professional Boston Commercial Painter than have your employees paint for you.
  • Ways to reduce the cost of your painting project without sacrificing quality.
  • The number of bids you should get
  • Why some bids are so much higher (or lower) than others.
  • Pricing techniques Commercial Painting Contractors use to land your commercial painting project.
  • How much should add-ons cost after the job starts.
  • Why you should almost never agree to pay “time and materials” for a job.
  • Scams to watch out for in your quote.
  • What a good quote “looks like.”
  • Deposits and progress payments
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Chapter 6: Commercial Painting Warranties – what you need to know.

If you’ve never hired a Commercial Painter before, you may not know to ask about a warranty on the painting. If your paint peels (it happens!) your Commercial Painter should return and fix the issue.

You’ll learn the following in this chapter:

  • Why paint that peels may happen even with the best Boston-area Commercial Painting Contractors.
  • How long does the ideal warranty cover you from “failing” paint.
  • The “why” behind typical Commercial paint failures.
  • Why you should ask for references of customers who have actually taken advantage of the warranty before you hire a painting contractor
  • How the Boston climate adds to the need for a solid written painting warranty.
  • What’s typically covered in a Boston-area Commercial Painting warranty, and what’s “normally” excluded.
  • The importance of a WRITTEN warranty and the longevity of a Commercial Painting Contractor’s track record in business.
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Chapter 7: How to get references from your Commercial Painter (or any trade).

  • Using LinkedIn to get references from people who hire Commercial Painting Contractors all the time in the Boston area.
  • Do online reviews count? (Hint: There may not be enough reviews to make this your primary source of references for your Commercial Painting project).
  • Asking for references from other companies and property managers who have taken advantage of the Boston-area Commercial Painting Contractor’s written warranty.
  • Why the BBB is not the place to count on anymore for references.
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Chapter 8: Commercial Painting licenses, insurance, and safety protocols to protect you as the customer.

Because you want to be safe, you’ll need to make sure your Boston area Commercial Painter has the correct licenses and insurances to work in Massachusetts and New England. We’ll give you a handy PDF checklist that you can print so you can ensure your Commercial Painting Contractor has:

  • A RRP or EPA lead certification if they are working on buildings that are built before 1978 or are known to contain lead.
  • An insurance policy that is in force and is paid up (hint: some smaller painters don’t pay their insurance bill so while they have a Certificate of Insurance to show you, they may have no actual insurance!)
  • An umbrella insurance policy that is high enough to cover damages caused by the Commercial Painting Contractor
  • A General Contractor’s license if they are doing work for you other than just painting.
  • Checking any safety violations with OSHA.
  • A written and consistently used safety program (hint: many painting contractors SAY they have a program, but in the day-to-day grind of painting, never actually use them).
  • All of the Boston-area Commercial Painting Contractor’s license and insurance information should be on the quote and/or on their website and easily confirmable.
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Chapter 9: What’s next?

  • Now that you’ve built your foundation of knowledge of Commercial Painting in the Boston region, you can:
  • Print off a handy PDF of this whole guide so you can refer to our checklist and tips throughout the process of hiring a commercial painting contractor.
  • Contact your first Boston Commercial Painting Contractor for your first quote.
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