The difference between a Commercial painter
and a “regular” Residential house painter

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The difference between a commercial painting company and a “regular” residential house painting company?

To start it’s important to discern between a Commercial Painting Company and a Residential Painting Company.

A Commercial Painting Contractor specializes in painting large painting projects for:

Because Boston businesses have different painting needs than residential customers, a Boston Commercial Painting Contractor is set up to meet these unique needs better than a residential painting company would be able to. Some larger Boston Area Painting Companies and Contractors do both Commercial and Residential painting but have separate “departments” for each type of work. This is just fine too.





  • Homeowners Associations (HOAs) where multiple building owners have a stake in the project’s outcome and need individual billing and invoicing.
  • Condominium complexes that are managed either by a board of directors or by a Property Manager.
  • Large and small exterior and interior projects for a business – especially if the business needs to stay open during the painting process.
  • Specialized businesses such as dental & medical offices, software companies, and hospitals that may have delicate equipment that needs protection from paint and dust.
  • Businesses that are on a tight project timeframe and need to be sure that the Boston Commercial Painting Company shows up when they say they will.
  • A business that’s doing a remodeling project where the painting is just one piece of the project and must fall into the timeline with other trades such as electricians, plumbers, and flooring companies.
  • Companies with unique items that need painting, such as pipes, gas tanks, speed bumps, flag poles, and bollards to paint.
  • Companies that need to continue to operate during business hours and need a Commercial Painting Company to come in during nights/weekends and off-hours.
  • Companies that need the Commercial Painting Contractor to protect their workers and employees with a strict and written Covid-19 health and safety protocol plan.
  • A business with a tight deadline for the painting portion of the project either to meet an inspection or because the painting needs to be done in time for another trade to start.

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