Our Certifications and Licenses

Posted on November 21, 2018

The following certifications and licenses belong to the CertaPro Painters of South Shore and Boston-Area’s business and operations.

Updated April 2024

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Our General Liability and Worker’s Compensation policies protect our customers and workers.

Our $5 million umbrella policy is considered the “gold standard” in contractor insurance, and very few Boston contractors hold this type and limit of insurance. This signals that we take our employee and customer safety very seriously.  We’re happy to add you to our policy as “additional insured” at no cost to you, even before you’ve hired us.

Lead-safe painter certificate (RRP Certification): We are licensed to renovate and paint buildings containing lead paint, including many Boston-area homes and buildings built before 1978. When hiring a painter for a structure containing lead, you must hire a firm with this certification. Also, be sure the company you hire has this certification, not just the painter they send to paint. Some individual painters are certified personally, but their firm is not licensed.

Construction Supervisor License in Massachusetts:  The owner, Louis NeJame, is a licensed Construction Supervisor and Civil Engineer.  This means we can handle repairs and remodeling beyond painting.

Home Improvement Contractor License in Massachusetts:  We are a licensed Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor.

Taxpayer Identification Form: Print off our W9 Taxpayer form for your files.

Women Business Enterprise Certified: if you need to hire a woman-owned (WBE) painting business, CertaPro Painters is owned by Paige NeJame and meets that requirement.

Our written safety program:  We take safety very seriously. This link is just a piece of our robust safety program, which includes weekly safety meetings.

Commonly asked questions about painting licenses and insurance:

Who pays for the injuries if a contractor gets hurt on my property?

Massachusetts contractors are required by law to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance.  With this being said, because worker’s compensation insurance is expensive, some contractors do not pay their premiums and leave you, the homeowner, exposed to worker injuries on your property.

Many Massachusetts painters will tell you they don’t need Worker’s Compensation Insurance because they are the owner.  This is not true.

Therefore it is important that you get a certificate of insurance from any contractor that works on your property.  CertaPro Painters is happy to add you as “additional insured” to our Worker’s Compensation and General Liability policy, so you’re sure that our insurance is in full force. Being added as “additional insured” means that the insurance company would contact you if the insurance lapsed.

Will my homeowner’s insurance policy cover me if a contractor gets hurt on my property and doesn’t carry Worker’s Compensation insurance?

Not likely.  Many homeowner’s Massachusetts insurance policies exclude this type of coverage, so it’s important to ensure your contractor carries worker’s compensation insurance.

Our company uses a vendor credentialing service like Compliance Depot. Can you comply with their requirements to become a vendor for us?

Yes.  We’re already compliant with dozens of Boston-area property management companies that use these types of credentialing services and can be up and running in no time for your company.

Please direct any inquiries regarding these documents to [email protected].

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License Info: Massachusetts 146872