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Painting for Homeowners Associations in New England

Home Owner Associations in Massachusetts are often charged with managing a strict budget for common area maintenance. Budgeting for maintenance can overwhelm an HOA, whose members are often volunteers and have never hired a commercial painting company. This is where we can help.

If your HOA or Community notices signs that your interior or exterior paint needs refreshing, we can take a lot of the painting process off of your plate:

Block of text that says "Commercial Painting RFP Template"
Click here to download a free HOA Painting RFP template in Microsoft Word.

Let CertaPro Painters help you write the paint specs for your project:

    • Number of paint or stain coats needed
    • Types of paints and stains recommended
    • Types of equipment (lifts, scaffolding, pump jacks) needed
    • The carpentry and repair required to repair rotted wood on trim, shingles, etc.

Once you have the above specifications, you can hand these out to a few commercial painters and know they’re all bidding on the same project assumptions.

Step-by-step instructions and a Microsoft Word Painting RFP (Request for Proposal) template are included here.  Fill it out, and you’re in business!

We’ll help you with the unique aspects of Commercial Painting an HOA faces, including:

    • Why you must receive apples-to-apples bids from your vendors.
    • How to “stage” the painting to maximize your budget – for example, painting all exterior shingles one year and clapboards the next.  The whole community or building doesn’t have to be painted at once!
    • Here are some tips to know when hiring a Commercial Painter.
    • The importance of a written warranty.
    • Staining vs. paint (hint:  they often look the same but protect your community’s exterior quite differently).
    • Presenting your recommendations to the HOA board.
    • Interior painting to common areas while the common areas are still open (hint:  we can paint at night and on weekends)

We provide lots of services to Homeowner Associations, including:

    • Painting mailbox posts, street lights, and speed bumps
    • Painting and carpentry to common buildings such as pool houses or member areas
    • Building multi-year painting plans that include, for example, staining all of the decks over 3 years
    • Powerwashing to buildings
    • Interior painting of common areas, hallways, and stairwells
    • Communicate with all members (by email and hanging door hangers) when we will be working in their community area.

By writing the specifications for you, you will have an RFP (Request for Proposal) that you can give to other Boston-area Commercial Painting companies. This way, when you receive your bids, they will be “apples to apples,” and you can compare them easily.

If you have no idea where to start, that’s where we can make your job easier.

Email Dave at [email protected] to get help getting organized to bid your HOA project – we’re happy to help at every stage, even if you don’t have a current painting project.

Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Boston-Area Commercial Painter

If you have questions about commercial painting projects, see our commercial painting frequently asked questions page or give us a call at 781-422-1018.


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