03 August 2022

Updated Friday, August 12, 2022: When can CertaPro Painters paint my home?

The information in this post was updated on Friday, August 12, by Paige NeJame with our latest painting timeframes. IMPORTANT:  If you cannot find an appointment time that works for you below, please email Paige at [email protected]  Paige has a “secret calendar” and can get you in for quotes that don’t show up online! ClickRead the full article

02 August 2022

How to budget painting for Commercial Properties

Easy ways to budget for your commercial painting project: Property and facilities managers and building owners must budget for property maintenance, including painting. Here’s how we recommend you put together a budget for your property: Meet with painting experts Meeting with a commercial painting contractor will give you a predictable idea of the projects youRead the full article

20 July 2022

Painting Hardie Board and Fiber Cement Siding in the Boston area

Fiber cement is a very commonly used siding material for new homes in the Boston area.  It’s soared in popularity over the past decade because fiber cement siding is durable and is well suited for the harsh New England weather to which we expose our exteriors. What is fiber cement siding? Fiber cement siding isRead the full article

08 June 2022

Paint Color Renderings – a free service for any project we quote!

If you’re thinking of changing the color of your home’s exterior or a room inside, the process can be overwhelming. Many people have a hard time visualizing a new paint color and get stuck.  And this causes them to paint the same color all over again. Or some people know the look they want, butRead the full article

01 June 2022

Can I finance a painting project? Yes!

CertPro Painters of the South Shore and Boston area offers 0% financing for 6 months, and we’re the only Boston, South Shore and Plymouth-area painting company to offer this. This allows you to paint your home now, and pay for it later. Some clients use our financing to paint their home before it goes onRead the full article

How often do I need to paint my Boston-area home?

It’s not easy to tell if your exterior needs painting. First of all, it’s just not that obvious that an exterior needs painting.  Often times a home that needs the protection of paint or stain looks “just fine.”  This is because as paint fades, as long as it fades evenly, it looks pretty good. YouRead the full article

19 May 2022

The historic paint colors of Plymouth, Massachusetts

Over the years, we’ve done hundreds of color consultations for Plymouth homeowners looking to infuse some historic color into the exterior or interior. In fact, we are considered such an expert in historic color palettes, Sherwin Williams asked us to collaborate with them on a curated fan deck of colors called “The Colors of theRead the full article

18 April 2022

What’s that green stuff on my deck?

Wooden decks are a bit of a hassle for residents of the South Shore and Boston area to keep looking great.  This is because the floorboards take so much abuse – not only because of foot traffic, but the sun beats down on them, making them prone to fading, snow piles on them during theRead the full article

24 February 2022

Day-by-Day journal of a 2022 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Project

In February 2022, we had one of our clients keep a photo diary of her experience with us so you would know what to expect when we paint your kitchen cabinets: Color consultation: A few weeks before the painting started, I worked with free CertaPro’s designer to choose new colors for my “orange-tone” cherry kitchenRead the full article

23 January 2022

Elastomeric Paint – flexible paint for porous surfaces

What is elastomeric paint? Elastomeric paint is a coating that forms a barrier against moisture and is flexible. It’s used to protect masonry surfaces, and while it’s applied just like regular liquid paint, it dries to a flexible and watertight coating. This is a paint that can stretch and return to its original form –Read the full article