27 April 2022

Updated May 11, 2022: When can CertaPro Painters paint my home?

The information in this post was updated on May 11, 2022, by Paige NeJame with our latest painting timeframes. If you promised your mom last Sunday you’d paint her house for Mother’s Day and have no time to do it – we can help! We’re actively scheduling and painting exteriors for this Spring! Find aRead the full article

18 April 2022

What’s that green stuff on my deck?

Wooden decks are a bit of a hassle for residents of the South Shore and Boston area to keep looking great.  This is because the floorboards take so much abuse – not only is their foot traffic, but the sun beats down on them, making them prone to fading,  snow piles on them during theRead the full article

24 February 2022

Day-by-Day journal of a 2022 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Project

In February 2022, we had one of our clients keep a photo diary of her experience with us so you would know what to expect when we paint your kitchen cabinets: Color consultation: A few weeks before the painting started, I worked with free CertaPro’s designer to choose new colors for my “orange-tone” cherry kitchenRead the full article

23 January 2022

Elastomeric Paint – flexible paint for porous surfaces

What is elastomeric paint? Elastomeric paint is a coating that forms a barrier against moisture and is flexible. It’s used to protect masonry surfaces, and while it’s applied just like regular liquid paint, it dries to a flexible and watertight coating. This is a paint that can stretch and return to its original form –Read the full article

11 January 2022

Do I have to prime before I paint?

Years ago, many painters recommended primer nearly every time you painted, but now there are so many high-quality paint formulas available, there isn’t always a need to prime. Generally, there are two conflicting points of view: If you use a primer in certain interior situations, it might waste time and money. Not using a primerRead the full article

06 November 2021

Winter home maintenance

There are lots of winter-time projects we can help you accomplish! While we can’t paint exteriors in the winter, there are many things we can do during the winter to get your home ready for next year. This is especially helpful if you’re planning on putting your home on the market in the Springtime orRead the full article

31 October 2021

Why does my plaster ceiling keep peeling?

Why is my plaster ceiling peeling? We get many calls from confused customers in the Boston area because their plaster ceiling is peeling, and they’ve tried everything to fix it, and it just keeps peeling. Homeowners’ attempt to fix the peeling ceiling may look like it’s corrected the peeling for a week, month, or evenRead the full article

02 October 2021

Can you help me finish up the painting I started?

While painting is usually a straightforward task, sometimes our South Shore clients get in over their heads. Feel free to call us to step in to finish up what you’ve already started painting. Here are some ways we can help you finish up your DIY painting projects: “I can’t reach the high spots to paintRead the full article

15 September 2021

How late in the fall can I paint my exterior?

Updated September 2021: Each year in the fall lots of people start asking us to fit them into our fall schedule for a few reasons: 1. Fall’s temperature is perfect: once average daytime temperatures dip below 50 degrees (usually early-mid November), exterior latex paint cannot be applied until temperatures rise again (usually in early spring,Read the full article

14 September 2021

DIY instructions for Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting your outdated kitchen cabinets can give them a fresh and modern look. While it’s tempting to rush through the process, taking the time to follow the steps below will help ensure that your cabinets will look professionally painted. Here is the process we follow when we paint kitchen cabinets. Where possible, we’ve specified to the exact productsRead the full article