02 April 2021

CertaPro Painters of the South Shore – small town values within a national franchise

CertaPro Painters is a local painting company backed by the same corporation as California Closets. Lots of people want to understand more when they hear we are part of a national franchise, so let’s dive in: CertaPro Painters has been in business since 1992. CertaPro Painters has been around nationally since the early 1990s. TheRead the full article

25 March 2021

Painting your Cupolas, Pergolas, Trellises and Arbors

The South Shore and surrounding towns are full of interesting architectural outdoor structures that deserve a flawless paint job. These wooden outdoor structures help our Clients define their landscape, provide privacy, and help guide visitors to various parts of your yard. Because they are usually made of wood, these backyard structures need protection from ourRead the full article

21 March 2021

Solved: “My home’s exterior looks exactly like my neighbor’s.”

8 subtle (inexpensive) paint touches for your South Shore exterior to turn up your curb appeal. Driving around the South Shore and Boston-region, you may be frustrated to see homes that look just like yours. The good news is that you can add subtle touches to your home’s exterior with paint that will amp upRead the full article

18 March 2021

Painting your Cape Cod Home on the South Shore or in the Boston-area

We paint about 600 homes in our area each year, and about 20% of them are Cape Cod-style homes. Here’s some history and our thoughts on painting your Cape Cod home: These popular homes have a small footprint and are often surprisingly larger inside than they look like they are from the curb. The modernRead the full article

10 March 2021

Comparing painters: “Why are the prices from different painters so different?”

You’ve done your homework and have 3 bids for painting your home. How can you go about comparing painters? And why are the prices to paint your home so wildly different? There are a few things that might cause you to have trouble comparing painters and the quotes they give you:   Here are theRead the full article

05 March 2021

Do you really need to paint?

“The Boston housing market is booming…Do I really need to paint my home before I put it on the market?” With the 2021 real estate market soaring and the lowest inventory of homes for sale on the South Shore and in the Boston area in years, you may be considering putting your home up forRead the full article

15 February 2021

How early in the Spring can I paint the exterior of my home?

Every Spring, lots of people hire us to paint their home’s exterior. Whether you’re putting your home on the market and want just one coat of paint to freshen it up for potential buyers, or you’d like to change the color of your clapboards, shutters, and trim, Spring is a great time to paint yourRead the full article

03 February 2021

Weathering Your Cedar Shingles to Gray on the South Shore

How do I get my home’s cedar shingles to gray? 3 key takeaways: Applying bleaching stain to freshly power-washed shingled homes will turn the shingles a “weathered gray” in 6-12 months. Both red and white cedar shingles will turn gray when treated with bleaching stain. In the end, red shingles will be a bit darker grayRead the full article

02 February 2021

Communicating With The Residents of a Multi-family Condominium Community When a Contractor is On-Site

We have painted at dozens of multi-family condominium communities in the Boston-area since we started our Commercial Painting business in 1998. Over this time, we’ve discovered that communication is a key factor in helping these multi-family projects go smoothly. A few tips: Property Managers should communicate with residents at least three times before any contractorRead the full article

Painting Your Office In Your Brand’s Colors

You can use the impact of color to stay on-brand when choosing colors for your office or retail space. We have helped Clients from Nike to Fidelity paint their offices, so they look on-trend. Here are some tips: Go bold: When choosing colors, don’t be afraid to use the boldest of your corporate colors asRead the full article