31 January 2023

Updated Tuesday, March 21: When can CertaPro Painters start my painting?

We’ll start painting exteriors soon!  We still have room on our “first of the season” exterior schedule. Painting projects are scheduled in the order we receive a signed proposal and deposit payment.   As of 3/21/22: INTERIOR painting projects can start in 4 business days: We can start about four days after receiving your deposit,Read the full article

30 January 2023

Our index of all of our residential & commercial painting articles, tips and advice.

Residential Articles   (IMPORTANT:  SCROLL DOWN FOR COMMERCIAL PAINTING ARTICLES) First things first:   Click here for our current wait times to start your project Click here to schedule a quote using our online calendar – we likely have appointments available within one business day! Calcimine paint – the likely reason your plaster ceiling keepsRead the full article

Painting Assisted Living & Senior Communities in the Boston area.

CertaPro works with dozens of area senior communities to make the process easy and safe: Painting an assisted living facility requires experience much beyond choosing a color. As a Massachusetts Assisted Living Association (Mass-ALA) member, we care about understanding the unique challenges of facility managers in assisted living communities to better plan the painting projectsRead the full article

23 January 2023

10 Universally appealing paint colors – stop going crazy choosing colors and start right here.

Finding the perfect paint color is so important many people freeze, give up or choose paint colors haphazardly. You’ll live with your paint colors for years, so we want to ensure you get the color right the first time.  There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re getting the perfect color but getting “almost the right color.”Read the full article

14 October 2022

Using lifts to reduce the cost of commercial painting projects.

Commercial painting is all about efficiency. The faster a commercial painter can paint a project, the lower the price for the client. Painting a project more efficiently depends on how the commercial painter paints large projects without constantly setting up and taking down ladders. Time spent setting up and moving ladders is massive on commercialRead the full article

13 October 2022

Choosing the perfect nursery color – tips you haven’t read before.

In the weeks before your baby is born, you’ll likely spend time deciding what color to paint the baby’s nursery.  Here’s some practical advice, based on our experience painting the nurseries in dozens of South Shore homes since 1998. Finding your inspiration. When deciding what color scheme you would like to use in your baby’sRead the full article

11 October 2022

How to sample paint colors.

You’ve heard it repeatedly:  Try out the paint color before you buy enough for the whole project. But, once you have paint colors you like, what’s the best way to sample them?  This article will explain how to sample paint colors so the color you think you’re getting is the color you actually get. Let’sRead the full article

20 September 2022

Anti-graffiti paint: Wash away graffiti with plain tap water.

CertaPro Painters can help you solve your graffiti problems by applying an anti-graffiti paint coating to your graffiti-prone areas. Anti-graffiti paint, also known as graffiti-resistant paint or graffiti deterrent paint, is a type of paint applied to surfaces to prevent graffiti from being easily applied and to make graffiti removal easier. It is commonly usedRead the full article

18 September 2022

Fall maintenance checklist for your South Shore, Plymouth & Boston-area home.

1. Clean your gutters Clean gutters that are not blocked by leaves, pine needles, and debris are less likely to cause ice dams in the wintertime. Consider getting a “gutter helmet” to help prevent future debris from clogging up your gutters.     2. Turn off and drain all outside water sources This includes outdoorRead the full article

Painting Corrugated Metal Panels in the Boston area and surrounding towns.

Corrugated steel is a widespread option for decks, roofs, and siding in commercial, agricultural, and sometimes homes in the Boston area. Corrugated Metal or cladding resists rusting, making it mostly weather-proof. This means it’s resistant to rot and mold and won’t fall apart prematurely or get destroyed by insects. Around Massachusetts, the primary uses of corrugatedRead the full article