03 October 2021

Updated October 25: When can CertaPro Painters paint my home?

The information in this post was updated on October 25, 2021 by Paige NeJame with our latest painting timeframes. Painting projects are scheduled in the order in which we receive a signed contract from the customer and deposit payment.  Here are our current wait times: Exterior timeframe for starting your painting project: As of 10/25/21:Read the full article

02 October 2021

Help, I’m in over my head on my DIY Painting Project!

While painting is usually a straightforward task, sometimes our South Shore clients get in over their heads. Feel free to call us to step in to finish up what you’ve already started painting. Here are some ways we can help you finish up your DIY painting projects: “I can’t reach the high spots to paintRead the full article

15 September 2021

How late in the fall can I paint my exterior?

Updated September 2021: Each year in the fall lots of people start asking us to fit them into our fall schedule for a few reasons: 1. Fall’s temperature is perfect: once average daytime temperatures dip below 50 degrees (usually early-mid November), exterior latex paint cannot be applied until temperatures rise again (usually in early spring,Read the full article

14 September 2021

DIY instructions for Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting your outdated kitchen cabinets can give them a fresh and modern look. While it’s tempting to rush through the process, taking the time to follow the steps below will help ensure that your cabinets will look professionally painted. Here is the process we follow when we paint kitchen cabinets. Where possible, we’ve specified to the exact productsRead the full article

13 September 2021

We can help you choose paint colors, even if you’re doing the painting yourself.

If you need a color consultant for a DIY project you’re doing, we’re happy to help for just $99. Email [email protected] to set up a time to meet with our consultant Kate Rafoth. Kate is our staff designer who can help you: Choose paint colors that work with your current furnishings so you’re not havingRead the full article

11 September 2021

How to make sure all contractors that work on your home are properly insured, and why it matters.

Having insurance is required in Massachusetts by all contractors. Contractors should possess two types of insurance: General Liability insurance protects your property and belongings from damage by the contractor. A million-dollar limit in liability is the absolute minimum you should accept from a contractor and it’s not at all that expensive for the contractor to buy.Read the full article

17 August 2021

Shingle siding – a staple of South Shore homes

Cedar shingle siding is a staple on most South Shore homes.  If your home has one or more sides that contain shingles, it’s important to wash, stain, and maintain them to prolong their life and keep them looking beautiful. Here are some commonly asked questions about South Shore cedar shingle siding: Question:  I have aRead the full article

14 August 2021

Painting certain colors can increase the value of your home.

Selling your house is a numbers game – the more people that find your home appealing, the more likely you will fetch your asking, or these days, over-asking price. Lately, there has been a lot of press about how painting your front door black can up the sale price by $5,000 – here are moreRead the full article

11 August 2021

Can a wall color distract you from toothpaste globs in the sink? We think so!

Like clothing, your paint colors need to fit your lifestyle and how you want your home to feel. You’re going to be looking at your interior and exterior paint colors for a long time, so you want to feel good about them. You will undoubtedly be looking at your home’s exterior and interior colors moreRead the full article

05 August 2021

How a paint color makes you feel – the most important consideration in choosing a color.

Question: With all of the paint colors to choose from, how does our color consultant Kate help our customers narrow them down? If you’ve ever watched Say Yes to the Dress, brides are often asked when trying on a dress, “How do you feel?”  Our designer Kate uses that same method in helping our Clients chooseRead the full article