05 July 2021

Furniture, drapery, lighting, then paint – decorating in the correct order.

Lots of homeowners get things backward – they fall in love with a paint color and work their entire room around that. But this is the more challenging path – it’s much easier to choose furnishings and fabrics you like first and THEN match them to the paint color. Because paint colors can be easilyRead the full article

04 July 2021

Cleaning your walls:

If you like the color of your walls but hate the dirt or scuffs, you might not need to paint your walls at all; you may just need to clean them! Cleaning your walls isn’t difficult and you won’t need any unique supplies to get the job done: Liquid hand or dish soap Hydrogen peroxideRead the full article

28 June 2021

Painting over your interior stained woodwork, trim and doors

Painting over Stained Interior Wood Stained wood trim was prevalent in previous decades but can lend a dark and dank feeling to your home. Here’s our process to paint over the stained wood, so your home’s interior is fresh and feels lighter and more open: Deglossing the surface of the stained wood: We must sandRead the full article

03 June 2021

The care and maintenance of Horsehair Plaster walls in the Boston Area

What is horsehair plaster? Horsehair plaster is composed of water, lime, aggregate, and sometimes animal hair. Homebuilders used horsehair to bind the plaster mixture together and add strength to it. Underneath all types of antique plaster, you’ll find closely spaced strips of wood that are nailed to the studs called “lath.” The wood lath hasRead the full article

15 May 2021

Should I use Paint or Stain for my home’s exterior?

Many homeowners understand that exterior painting results in freshening up the look of your home, but did you also know that applying exterior paint or stain to your home protects the wood from decay and harsh weather?  Let’s dig in: Stain and paint not only beautify your home, but they also protect it. New England’sRead the full article

28 April 2021

Painting your Colonial-Style Home

We paint about 600 homes in our area annually, and about 60% of them are Colonial-style homes. Here’s some history and our thoughts on painting your Boston-area Colonial: Colonial homes come in all sizes, and today’s homes are descendants of the two-story homes that started out being built with one room on each floor andRead the full article

24 April 2021

Roof color – an important consideration in exterior paint color choice

Did you ever see an otherwise beautiful home that just looked “off?” Often this is because the roof color and the exterior paint color clash. Roof color matters when choosing an exterior paint color for your home.  Here’s why: Your roof is a (mostly) permanent fixture on your home’s exterior, so it’s essential to factor inRead the full article

21 April 2021

Painting your brick home on the South Shore and in the Boston-area

Painting brick homes on the South Shore and in the Boston-area There are some beautiful full and partial-brick homes sprinkled throughout the South Shore and Boston area. Lately, lots of people have asked us about painting and maintaining brick, so let’s dive in: Painting brick homes in New England Lately, lots of our Boston-area ClientsRead the full article

02 April 2021

CertaPro Painters of the South Shore – small town values within a national franchise

CertaPro Painters is a local painting company backed by the same corporation as California Closets. Lots of people want to understand more when they hear we are part of a national franchise, so let’s dive in: CertaPro Painters has been in business since 1992. CertaPro Painters has been around nationally since the early 1990s. TheRead the full article

25 March 2021

Painting your Cupolas, Pergolas, Trellises and Arbors

The South Shore and surrounding towns are full of interesting architectural outdoor structures that deserve a flawless paint job. These wooden outdoor structures help our Clients define their landscape, provide privacy, and help guide visitors to various parts of your yard. Because they are usually made of wood, these backyard structures need protection from ourRead the full article