12 February 2020

Painting your high-traffic interior

We are often called upon to paint high traffic public buildings such as schools, hospitals and gyms. In most cases, in order to make sure the paint stays as fresh looking for as long as possible, we recommend a scuff-resistant interior paint. There are amazing videos online that show hockey players and others testing theRead the full article

03 January 2020

CertaPro Painters of the South Shore is a Woman-Owned Business

CertaPro Painters of the South Shore & Boston Area is a Woman-Owned business (WBE). If you or your business needs to hire a women-owned painting company in order to stay in compliance with corporate, state or federal mandates, CertaPro Painters of the South Shore fulfills that requirement. Many of our Commercial Clients who work onRead the full article

13 December 2019

We’re your local painter on Boston’s South Shore.

Lots of our customers want to hire a local painter because adding to the economy of their South Shore and Boston-area towns is important to them. They choose CertaPro Painters of Boston’s South Shore because our office is in Rockland, Massachusetts, plus we have the backing of of a large franchise corporation with over 320Read the full article

20 November 2019

How much will it cost to paint my home?

Average House Painting Costs | Boston & South Shore, MA Homes The cost to paint your South Shore and Boston-area home depends on a few factors. Here we’ll discuss average prices to complete painting project in the South Shore and Boston-area, as well as factors that can increase or decrease your costs significantly. Let’s jumpRead the full article

14 November 2019

What to expect at your 1st appointment with CertaPro Painters of Boston’s South Shore?

Some of the things we’ll ask about when we give you a painting quote may seem to have nothing to do with painting, but we find the answers to these questions to be helpful in delivering the smoothest possible project for you and your family. 1. What is your goal for this painting project? DoRead the full article

07 November 2019

Fall maintenance checklist for your Boston area and South Shore home

1. Clean your gutters Clean gutters that are not blocked by leaves, pine needles and debris, are less likely to cause ice dams in the wintertime. Consider getting a “gutter helmet” to help prevent future debris from clogging up your gutters.     2. Turn off and drain all outside water sources This includes outdoorRead the full article

04 November 2019

10 Questions to Ask Your Interior House Painter

Download the PDF   1. Can you provide a detailed and written quote outlining all of the specifications and ALL prices for the project, including paint and labor? 2. Which paint product will you be using to paint my home? For example a painter should not just write: “Sherwin Williams Paint” but “Sherwin Williams DurationRead the full article

01 November 2019

Painting Kitchen Cabinets – A favorite project of our South Shore and Boston area customers

Deciding to paint your kitchen cabinets: The decision to paint your kitchen cabinets should not be made on a whim. There are a lot of considerations that you must think about before embarking on this large project. Free Cabinet Painting Estimates         Before you paint your kitchen cabinets think about these things:Read the full article

The Care and Maintenance of Mahogany Decks

Mahogany decks are common on newer South Shore and Boston-area homes. Here are some things you need to know: Free Deck Staining Estimates Mahogany Decks & Water Resistance Mahogany decks are affected by water: Because water puddles on horizontal surfaces, your mahogany deck will look worn out before the vertical mahogany spindles around your deck.Read the full article

10 October 2019

Popular House Colors of The South Shore

Historic Colors of the South Shore The South Shore is rich with history and the colors of homes on the South Shore tend to reflect that. We’ve worked with Sherwin Williams to create a palette of exterior colors that are specific to the South Shore, and allows your home fit right in. Download the ColorsRead the full article