Fall maintenance checklist for your South Shore, Plymouth & Boston-area home.

1. Clean your guttersgutter cleaning boston

Clean gutters that are not blocked by leaves, pine needles, and debris are less likely to cause ice dams in the wintertime.

Consider getting a “gutter helmet” to help prevent future debris from clogging up your gutters.



2. Turn off and drain all outside water sources

This includes outdoor showers, sprinkler systems, and spigots.

If you are unsure how to turn off your outdoor water sources, hire a plumber (see #14 below for our recommended service providers, including a plumber).  If you take photos of the steps they use to turn it off, you can refer to the photos next year and do this project yourself.





3. Consider adding a “maintenance coat” of paint or stain to your trim, clapboards and shingles.

This is necessary if you see wear and tear from previous winters on the wood in the form of faded paint and bare wood peeking through.

Just email [email protected] to set up a quote or use our online scheduler.

South Shore and Plymouth area homes on or near the coast are especially vulnerable to the wear and tear the salt air, wind and rain causes.

Homes in Massachusetts coastal towns like Duxbury, Marshfield, Scituate, Cohasset, Hingham, Dartmouth, Marion, Plymouth, Kingston, and Hull need painting more often (every 3-5 years) than non-coastal homes (every 5-7 years).



4. Replace rotted wood.

wood rot window boston home

You don’t want water to continue to get inside the wood and rot it even more throughout the winter. This is a case of “a stitch in time saves nine.”

Again, we replace rotted wood as a service, so we’re happy to help you; just email [email protected] to set up a quote or use our online scheduler.





5. Cover outdoor furniture etc.outdoor table and chairs in snow

An inexpensive alternative to custom covers is regular tarps and bungee cords!




6. Tie off or cover tall bushes.

This can prevent branches from breaking or other damage to the bush or tree from heavy snow loads.



7. Keep mowing your lawn, rake leaves, and seed any bald spots.

mow lawn in fall in boston

The leaves you pick up will help feed the lawn if you use a mulching mower. Generally, leaves are done falling on the South Shore by Thanksgiving.





8. Turn off your air conditioning unitac unit outside house

So that you don’t accidentally have the air conditioning running while the heat is on (hey, it happens!).





9. Close air conditioning vents throughout your home

ac vents

This helps keep the heat inside your home and not escaping through the vents.






10. Fill up your grill’s propane tankpropane tank fill

This way you can grill all winter.




11. Consider having your driveway maintained with a seal coat.

driveway seal winter

The cold winter and snow plowing will only make any holes in your driveway larger because of the freeze and thawing of water on your driveway.





12. Turn off, maintain and close other systems

turn off pool pump

Turn off other systems specific to your home, including your pool, outdoor lighting, trampolines, etc.





13. Consider interior painting for your holiday parties and guests.

If you’re unsure about choosing paint color(s), we have designers on staff to work with you.




14. See our “Masters of the South Shore” list if you need a service provider.

These are companies we have tried ourselves and who we feel confident recommending.



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