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Learn about our Residential Exterior House Painting Services

CertaPro Painters helps you choose great exterior colors and professionally prepares your home to be painted for lasting results. And because wood rot is so common in the Boston-area, we have carpenters on staff to repair your rotted wood before we paint. If you have questions about house painting projects, give us a call or take a look at our frequently asked questions page.

1 Wash

We powerwash or handwash your home’s exterior to remove dirt, mildew and salt that’s commonly found on Boston-area homes.

Hand holding paint scraper on exterior of white home that is being scraped down to the wood

2 Prep

Loose paint is scraped and glossy areas are scuffed. We caulk all gaps to prevent water from intruding your home.

3 Paint

We prime over repaired areas before a premium paint is applied to your home’s exterior.

4 Clean

Our crew cleans up every day around your home and does a thorough clean up at the end of the project.

certapro employee and customer shaking hands after painting project

5 Inspect

After we inspect your project, we invite you to walk around to provide your feedback to us. All touch-ups are addressed during this stage.

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At CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston, our trained professional painters will transform your house into something you will be proud of. Schedule your free exterior painting estimate now – you can choose either a remote (using FaceTime or Zoom) or an in-person quote on our online scheduler.  If you can’t find a time that works for you, email [email protected] with some times that work for you, and we’ll get you right in.

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Our Residential Exterior Painting and Carpentry Services

CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston provides various exterior painting services to ensure your home stands out from your neighbors while still fitting your style. Not sure if your home is due for painting? Take our 20-second exterior house painting quiz to see if your home needs painting.

Check out our Brick Painting and Staining

Brick Painting and Staining

We paint and stain exterior or interior brick surfaces. The decision to paint your brick is not easily reversible, so we'll help you decide if painting over your brick is the right decision for you. Most often, painting brick makes homes look & feel less "industrial" and more, well, like a home.

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Check out our Deck & Fence Painting and Staining

Deck & Fence Painting and Staining

We offer a variety of interior and exterior home painting and staining services for your deck, porch and fence. Mahogany decks found in our area are our specialty and need specific products to stay beautiful and protected from the South Shore and Boston climate.

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Check out our EPA Lead Certified

EPA Lead Certified

At CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston we are EPA Lead Certified. This means that if we are performing a renovation, repair or painting project that disturbs lead-based paint in your home, we use certified renovators who are trained by EPA-approved training providers and follow lead-safe work practices.

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Check out our Exterior House Painting and Staining

Exterior House Painting and Staining

We paint & stain homes of all kinds - wood, stucco, brick, and aluminum or vinyl siding. We have years of experience painting in the Boston climate, and specify the paint or stain formula that's right for your home's body, trim, shutters, windows & doors.

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Check out our Financing Available

Financing Available

Convenient financing is offered so you can paint now and pay later.

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Check out our Power Washing

Power Washing

Power washing is an important first step in painting the exterior of your home's surface. CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston can power wash your home to remove mold, mildew, oil, salt, and old paint so your new paint or stain lasts longer in our harsh New England climate.

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Check out our Shingle Maintenance and Staining

Shingle Maintenance and Staining

Cedar shingles are a staple of New England and require occasional power washing & staining to keep them beautiful & protected. We also specialize in staining cedar shingles so they reach that fantastic "Nantucket Gray" color more quickly.

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Check out our Stucco Repairs and Painting

Stucco Repairs and Painting

It’s important to maintain the stucco or EIFS (also known as synthetic stucco) that covers your home. CertaPro Painters is knowledgeable in both repairs and painting related to stucco and EIFS, and will educate you in determining the best approach to repairing and painting your stucco home.

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Check out our Carpentry & Wood Repair

Carpentry & Wood Repair

With so much wood on exteriors in our area, about 60% of our painting projects start with wood repair. No need to coordinate an outside carpenter to repair rotted wood, clapboards, trim, deck boards, & replace shingles. We can also add polish to your interior with wainscot, dental & crown molding, baseboard & door casings.

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Check out our Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

CertaPro Painters’ painting teams use products designed to adhere to aluminum and vinyl. Since the surface of aluminum and vinyl is more stable than wood, the paint finish holds up well when painted. This is a great and cost-effective option if your vinyl or aluminium siding is chalking or faded.

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We’ve painted over 26,000 homes & businesses in the Boston area since 1998!

CertaPro Painters of the South Shore and Boston area has painted over 23,000 Boston-area homes since 1998. We specialize in all aspects of residential interior and exterior painting and have carpenters on staff to replace rotted wood so prevalent in the Boston area before we paint.

Residential Exterior Painting FAQs

How soon can you paint my home’s exterior?

Generally, it is first-come, first-served, BUT we understand things come up and painting needs to be done on a strict timeline. As long as weather cooperates and your home is not wet or the temperatures are an average of 50 degrees (generally mid-April through October), we can work with your deadlines. If you don’t have a strict deadline, usually we are able to paint for you within 2-4 weeks of receiving your deposit.  We update this page weekly to give you an idea of our current painting timeframes.

How much will it cost to paint my home’s exterior?

Here’s our exterior pricing guide.  Find a house that looks like yours in style and size and you’ll have a ballpark of our prices.

How long will it take to paint my home’s exterior?

Below is a common schedule for exterior painting – but a lot depends on the weather and the size of the project:

Day 1: Powerwash and let dry.
Day 1: Carpentry and rotted wood replacement.
Day 2: Prepare surfaces by sanding and color approval.
Days 3-5: Priming and painting.
Day 5: Final inspection and touch ups.

For more details, here’s a day-by-day journal we had one of our exterior painting customers keep during their painting project.

What’s included in my CertaPro Painters’ painting quote?

All labor
All materials
All paint
All carpentry materials such as wood, shingles, composite, trim etc.

A free, in-home color consultation with our designer Kate Rafoth, if you’d like some advice on paint colors.

Color renderings of your home in the new color – please ask your estimator to snap some photos for our designer if you’d like a rendering.

How quickly can an estimator meet with me?

The waiting time for an estimate is typically a few days. If you don’t see a time on our online schedule that works for you, just email Paige at [email protected] and she’ll make sure to get you an appointment at a time that works for you.

Can paint the exterior of my home in the winter?

In the Boston area, your home’s exterior cannot be painted in the winter.

The winter season in the Northeast lasts from mid-November until about April. During these colder months, temperatures below 35 degrees prevent us from painting outdoors. We can start your project in colder weather by power washing and replacing rotted wood before we paint, but the painting must occur when it is consistently above 50 degrees.

Do you have more information on painting the exterior of my home?

For people who want a deeper dive into painting exteriors, we wrote this free ebook on exterior painting on the South Shore & Boston areas that’ll give you everything you need to know.