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When you hire CertaPro Painters of Boston’s South Shore, you have access to a variety of painting and staining services including:

Deck and Porch Staining:

The weather along Boston’s coastal towns beats up our decks and porches. The single biggest factor in this weathering is the sun that beats down on these horizontal surfaces along with the water that pools on deck and porch floors after it rains. From Mahogany Decks to wrap-around farmer’s porches, we can help you maintain, stain, and seal your deck and porch with stains that protect and enhance the beauty of the wood. In fact, many of our customers hire us every year to add a maintenance coat of stain, to keep their outdoor spaces beautiful.

Fence painting and staining:

Your white picket fence looks so darn quaint! But when the paint on your fence becomes weathered and chipped, it can make the rest of your home and property look unmaintained. In fact, lots of folks hire us to paint or stain their fence right before they sell their home, because it makes such a difference in your home’s curb appeal. Let CertaPro Painters of Boston’s South Shore bring your fence back to life.

Wood Replacement:

Deck with wood replaced where rotted
Here, our team replaced the Mahogany boards before restaining the deck.

Because the wood on your deck and porches will rot if not protected, lots of the decks we work on need carpentry before we stain or seal it.  Our skilled carpenters can replace a floorboard or railing before we paint or stain your deck.  For homeowners who want to get out of the “staining the deck every two years” rut, our carpenters can replace your whole deck with a maintenance-free composite material like Trex.  This way, you will not have to do a thing to keep your deck protected and looking great.

Tips for Staining South Shore and Boston-area Decks and Porches:

Because of New England’s harsh weather, your deck surface will take upkeep and maintenance. Here are some tips for keeping your deck Boston-area deck or porch looking beautiful:

Make sure you do excellent preparation before you ever stain it. This includes power washing it and sanding it.

Puddled water and moisture are the #1 enemy of decks. To prolong the life of your deck’s wood, make sure all bare spots are covered before wintertime when snow and water tend to puddle.

Horizontal surfaces such as flooring and the tops of the railing collect moisture. Horizontal deck surfaces are the first places we see decks fail.  Make sure you are restaining these parts every two years or when you see bare spots.

Types of deck stains we use in the Boston area:

Transparent or Translucent Deck Stain:

A transparent or translucent stain can be clear or tinted but will leave most of the wood’s grain showing.  The tinted color choices are a bit limited, and if you decide to change the tint color, you must remove the previous coating.

Typical maintenance cycle for deck floorboards and horizontal surfaces stained with transparent stain:  Every 1-2 years.

New deck with a tinted transparent stain being applied and wood grain showing through the stained wood
This deck is receiving a coat of tinted, transparent stain. A lot of wood grain shows through this type of stain.


Semi-Transparent and Semi-Solid Deck Stain:

These stains fall between transparent and solid in color, leaving some wood grain showing through (but not as much as a transparent stain will).  Depending on the desired outcome and the brand of stain you use, a two-coat application may be necessary.

Many stain color options and custom stain colors can be formulated.

Typical maintenance cycle for deck floorboards and horizontal surfaces stained with semi-transparent or semi-solid stain:  Every two years (in some harsh conditions, though, it could be just one year).

Mahogany deck - showing semi-transparent stain on right
A semi-transparent stain is being applied to this Plymouth deck. Notice the wood grain still shows through.


Solid Deck Stains:

Solid stains have the same appearance as paint with very little or no visible wood grain showing.

Any stain color can be mixed, allowing for custom colors.

Typical maintenance cycle for deck floorboards and horizontal surfaces stained with solid stain:  Every 2-3 years

Bare deck getting solid stain applied
A solid stain is being applied. Once dry, it will look like a coat of paint, and very little to no wood grain will show.

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Recent Deck and Porch Projects

See below for photos of projects that involved decks, porches, railings and fences from our portfolio.

Front Porch - Hingham, MA

Front Porch - Hingham, MA

This Hingham home's project included a large front porch area including banisters, columns and hand rails.

House & Deck - Milton, MA

House & Deck - Milton, MA

This project included painting around the deck and stairway pictured above.

Exterior Painting - Cohasset, MA

Exterior Painting - Cohasset, MA

We completed exterior painting for this home in Cohasset, including details around the large wrap-around porch, banisters, and railings.

Deck Staining In Progress

Deck Staining In Progress

Using a semi-translucent stain here shows off the Mahogany's wood grain.

Deck Painting

Deck Painting

For this Canton deck we used a solid stain on the deck floor which hides the wood grain.

Balcony Wood Staining Project

Balcony Wood Staining Project

We stained and finished this wooden balcony and also stained the underside to help protect the deck.

Deck Staining Can Significantly Change the Look and Feel of your Home’s Exterior

If you have a deck, fence, or farmer’s porch around your home, you know that the varying weather elements can take a toll on theirwooden surfaces. If you don’t take proper care of them by re-sealing and re-staining at the right times, they can become a costly and significantly decrease the value of your home. The longer you wait to hire a painting contractor the more expensive this undertaking will become. In fact, lost of our customers hire us to come back each year to apply a maintenance coat of stain to their wooden deck floors and porches.

The CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston residential painting crews have years of experience sealing and staining decks to protect them from the harsh New England climate. Depending on your project, our professional surface prep and deck staining process may include:

  • Removal of dirt, gravel, and chipped paint
  • Replacement of rotted wood by our carpenters
  • Power washing
  • Sanding
  • Application of a premium paint or stain

We’ll work with you to find a stain that both matches your home’s style and has a protective barrier best suited for the harsh Boston climate.

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deck painting and staining boston ma

How to maintain two-story decks:

Lots of South Shore homes are built with two-story decks. The deck’s underside requires maintenance and staining to protect the wood from rotting, and so the deck maintains its strength. An added benefit of staining the second-story deck’s underside is that the exposed wood substructure that can be seen from the first level looks fantastic and matches the rest of the decking. While stain helps reduce the risk of pests burrowing in your deck’s wood if you notice any damage anywhere on your deck, have a pest control professional review the situation.

Frequently asked questions about deck and fence staining:

Question: How often do I have to wash and stain my wood deck top in the Boston-area?

Answer: Every 1-2 years. Deck tops are prone to wear faster mostly because of the way water puddles on the horizontal deck boards and the sun beats down on them. Also, the foot traffic on the deck tops causes additional wear. The good news is that you don’t need to treat deck railings and other vertical surfaces as often because they shed water quickly due to their upright positioning. You’ll often see a difference in color between your deck top and railings because of the different speeds at which the different parts of your deck wear.

Question: How much will it cost to wash and stain my deck on the South Shore?

Answer: Depending on the size and the overall condition of your deck, an average 12 x 12 deck could be $800 – 1350. If you’d like a firm quote to wash and stain your deck, simply schedule an appointment online or email a photo to [email protected] and we’ll email you back a quick price.

Question: Can you replace rotted wood on my deck?

Answer: Yes, we have carpenters on staff that can replace wood that’s rotted on your deck. In fact, most of the decks we work on require some form of board or railing replacement while we’re on site.

deck staining