Lou NeJameFranchise Owner

Phone: 781-585-7246

I graduated from University of New Hampshire with my Masters in Engineering in 1987.  Believe me, my decision to start CertaPro Painters was a shock to some who felt I would not be using my education!  Over the years, I have focused my business on the simple idea that CertaPro can take house painting, an experience that is generally thought to be a hassle, and turn it into an experience where our customers are delighted.  To do this, I have focused on hiring great painters, who understand that our goal is not just to apply paint, but to truly thrill the customer.  In fact, in 2008 we were the top franchisee in the country (out of over 300 franchisees).

Email: LNeJame@certapro.com

Phone: (781) 740-4044