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Commercial Painting for Office Spaces in the Boston-area

We have painted hundreds of Boston area offices and offer night and weekend hours at no extra charge so your office can stay open while we're painting.

We can match your Corporate colors and offer a free, in-office color consultation to make sure the colors you paint energize your office space, conference room, hallways and kitchen facilities.

We'll even provide a free computer paint color rendering of your office in your newly chosen colors before we pick up a paintbrush. This is a great way to get buy-in from supervisors and employees on color ahead of the project.

From our experience, here are some tips for planning an office repaint:

Start with a budget (CertaPro can help!):

Lots of office managers call us because they’ve been put in charge of repainting the office. The first place to start is to ask the company for a budget.

The budget will inform many choices, including the number of paint coats and products we use.

For example, if you have a bit more money to spend, we can use a (more expensive) scuff-resistant paint in high-traffic areas, so you don’t have to repaint as often. This is the same paint used in hockey rinks, so it’s made to be durable.

If you need help putting together a budget, we’re happy to help. Email Dave at [email protected], and he’ll stop by to give you a sense of the cost you can present for company approval.

Interior & Exterior Office Painting:

Our crews are trained to paint with minimal disruption to your business.

Timing the office repaint right:

We find that the process is as important as the painting when it comes to the 5-day-a-week nature of most offices.

It’s important to preplan the work, including where the painting crew should start, to ensure we’re not disrupting staff and customers at critical times.

We suggest painting your office over a long weekend where our painters can work for three days, and your staff walks in on Tuesday morning to a freshly painted office. We’re also able to work nights at no additional charge.

Color choice:

If your office seems stuck in the 1990s, choosing modern colors makes a huge difference and often feels like a “complete remodel.”

Our clients have complimentary access to our designer Kate Rafoth, who will work with you at the office to help you choose colors. Lately, she’s been choosing lots of light and medium grays for office spaces we’ve recently painted.

To get buy-in from supervisors, we offer free color renderings of the space – this way, everyone can visualize the new office walls before we ever pick up a paintbrush.

Exterior painting of offices:

Painting your exterior is a great way to show your staff and customers pride. A peeling or dingy building is not great for company culture or the message you’re giving your clients.

CertaPro Painters is a full-service painter who can handle all of your interior, exterior, and carpentry needs with one call.

Some 2023 interior painting projects in Massachusetts office buildings:

Interior painting using corporate colors

Interior painting using corporate colors

Interior painting - office hallway

Interior painting - office hallway

Interior painting - office corridor

Interior painting - office corridor

White office with wainscot and built-ins

White office with wainscot and built-ins

Inteiror Painting - office stairwell

Inteiror Painting - office stairwell

Interior painting - stark white walls

Interior painting - stark white walls

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At CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston, our trained professional painters will transform your office or commercial property into something you will be proud of.

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CertaPro paints office exteriors too:

Need your office building’s exterior painted?  CertaPro Painters can handle the whole project from planning to carpentry to painting.


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