Paint Color Renderings – a free service for any project we quote!

If you’re thinking of changing the color of your home’s exterior or a room inside, the process can be overwhelming.

Many people have a hard time visualizing a new paint color and get stuck.  And this causes them to paint the same color all over again.

Or some people know the look they want, but the colors they’re considering are “not perfect.”

White home painted half gold

Some turn to online color visualizers and photo painting apps that help you visualize how paint colors you’re considering might look.  But there are many downsides to these apps:

  • House painting color visualizers and simulators and phone apps are difficult for the general population to use.  It’s especially hard to “outline the house” using a trackpad or mouse.
  • More importantly, the color you paint your photo is often not what the color will look like on your home’s exterior or in the room when shadows and lighting come into play – a designer needs to be able to interpret the colors and adjust them so you know that what you see is close to what you’ll get.  There would be nothing worse than thinking you’re getting dark blue paint on your photo, but having it look royal blue because of the way the sunlight hits your home.

This is why we have our staff designer, Kate Rafoth, provide a color rendering of the space you’re painting for anyone who wants one.  Kate takes into consideration the lighting in or on your home, and any shadows so that the color on the virtually painted home on the photo is close to what you’ll see when we start painting.

We offer free house painting simulations on any painting project, large or small before you even hire us.  

rendering of house exteriorOnce the paint color rendering is done, it’s simple for Kate to “change colors” so you can see what your home or room will look like in a variety of shades.

Many families have used our color rendering service as a way to settle color disputes!  This is so much better and less expensive than having us paint and then realizing your paint choice looks terrible.

If you’d like us to virtually paint your home’s exterior or interior, just schedule a free quote.  We’ll provide a color paint rendering a few days after we meet you and take photos of your home.  If you’re changing colors, be sure to remind your salesperson to take photos at the time of the quote.

computer rendering of painted home
Here’s our computer with a “house paint color simulator” in progress.

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