Wood Rot Repair in Boston & South Shore Areas

wood rot boston cape house exampleThe Boston and South Shore areas are notorious for their Colonials and Cape style homes with exteriors made of wood. Not only are most South Shore clapboards and trim made of wood, some South Shore homes even sport cedar roofs and wooden gutters. While wood exteriors offer a classic look, our cold and wet winters combined with the salt air causes wood rot to be an issue on the South Shore.




Signs of Rotting Wood

boston wood rot repair

We see wood rotting usually on areas of high moisture first: trim, sills and areas that are close to the ground are target areas for rotting wood. Of course, if a tiny bit of rot is ignored, it grows to be a bigger problem. This is a classic case of “a stitch in time, saves nine.” We have carpenters on staff to replace the rotted wood prior to painting. In fact about 1/3 of the homes we paint need some wood replaced beforehand – something we’re used to handling.




Wood Rot Repair Options

pvc trim fix wood rot

Lots of our South Shore area customers are choosing to replace their trim with PVC trim (such as Azek). While PVC trim is more expensive than wood trim, PVC does not rot or decay and it does not expand and contract as much as wood does. The good news is that while PVC material is more expensive than wood, the labor to install it is about the same.

If PVC is not in your budget for 100% of your trim, simply replace your rotted trim with PVC only in the moisture prone areas (trim touching the ground, sills etc.). And since PVC is 100% paintable and looks just like wood trim, a few PVC trim boards added to your already wood – trimmed home will be indistinguishable.