Updated November 22: When can CertaPro Painters paint my home?

The information in this post was updated on November 22, 2021 by Paige NeJame with our latest painting timeframes.

Happy Thanksgiving season!

Painting projects are scheduled in the order in which we receive a signed contract from the customer and deposit payment.  Here are our current wait times:

Exterior timeframe for starting your painting project:

As of 11/22/21:

We’re not able to do paint any more exteriors, but we are able to do carpentry on exteriors to prepare your home for next Spring.

We can still do exterior quotes now so we can give you a price and then put your home on our “first exteriors for Spring 2022” list when we start painting exteriors again in late March – Mid April.

We already have a few exteriors on our “First project in the Spring” list.  This usually means it’ll warm up by early April to start these projects.

Interior timeframe for starting your painting project:

As of 11/22/21:

We can paint your smaller interiors within a week and your larger interiors within 1-2 weeks.

If you’re flexible, we can fit you in on a rainy day.

If your mother-in-law is coming for the holidays, yes, we can have the guest room painted in time for her visit.

Getting you a painting quote:

As of 11/22/21:

Use our online scheduler to find a time to meet to show us your painting project.  As of today, we can meet you within one business day.  If you cannot find a convenient time on the online scheduler, email [email protected] with some times that work for you and we’ll get you right in!

Rush jobs:

As of 11/22/21:

We have a rush crew available that has about a 6-day wait.  We give priority to projects with deadlines – just let us know!

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