Updated Tuesday, November 22: When can CertaPro Painters start my painting?

Our current interior painting wait times are less than a week!

Painting projects are scheduled in the order in which we receive a signed proposal and deposit payment.


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If you can’t find a convenient time, email [email protected] & we’ll get you right in.  Next-day quotes are available.

As of 11/22/22 (two days before Thanksgiving):

INTERIOR painting projects can start next week:

We can start about four days after receiving your deposit, colors, and signed proposal.

Yes, we can paint your guest room in time for your mother-in-law’s Thanksgiving visit!


EXTERIOR painting projects are done for the Fall 2022 season:

If you’d like to be “first on our Spring schedule – (around March when it warms up) – we can quote your project now and paint in the Spring.

We are still doing carpentry projects (trim, clapboard, siding replacement) as carpentry is not weather-dependent like painting is.

CARPENTRY projects can start in about 7 days:

We can start about six days after receiving your deposit – smaller projects can be done even sooner.

Carpentry projects do not depend on warm or cold weather, so we can fix trim, and clapboards, and install siding in the winter months.


ESTIMATES – times available within 1 business day.

You’re never more than about 1-day away from being able to meet with one of our estimators.

Schedule your quote here.

If you can’t find a convenient time on our online calendar, email [email protected] with a few times that work for you, and Paige will get you right in.


To give you an idea of the wait times based on the past 20 years:

Early April:  The wait to paint your exterior tends to be about 2-4 weeks.

Mid-late April:  The wait to paint your exterior tends to be about 5 weeks.

May: The wait to paint your exterior tends to be about 6 weeks.

June:  The wait to paint your exterior tends to be about 4 weeks.

July:  Depending on how much rain we’ve gotten in the Spring, we may be caught up or behind – it really depends on Mother Nature.

August:  The wait to paint your exterior tends to be about 1 week.  Incidentally, August tends to be a great time to paint your exterior because it’s usually so dry in Massachusetts in August.

September-November:  The wait to paint is about 1 week.

December-March:  The wait to paint is less than 1 week.


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