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“How do I paint my second home when I don’t live in the Boston area?”

Posted on September 4, 2022

Many folks have second homes on the South Shore and Plymouth, Dartmouth, Westport, and Marion areas.

Here are the services we offer our out-of-town customers who’d like to have their houses painted but can’t be on-site while the work is happening.

We can quote your exterior painting or carpentry project even if you are not there:

Vacation homes in Scituate MA in background, the Atlantic ocean with boats in the foreground
We paint dozens of vacation homes in Scituate, Duxbury, Plymouth, Hingham, Dartmouth and Westport, and surrounding towns.  Many times the owner is not on-site because they live out of state.

If you let us know what you’d like painted, we’ll drive to your home, look around and email you a quote.

If you’d like to be “there” during the quote so we’re all on the same page, we can do a FaceTime or Zoom call while we’re on-site and point out areas we think might need painting or carpentry.

Once the painting and/or carpentry project starts, we will:

  1. Send you photos and videos of the painting’s progress.
  2. Be in touch to ask you questions or answer your questions.

Final billing of your painting or carpentry project:

We will do a video walk-through to show you our work and allow you to inspect it.

After the video walk-through, we’ll send you a final bill for the painting or carpentry work.

Touch-ups after you have inspected the project in person:

If you find areas that need touch-ups missed in the previous steps, we’ll be back to do the touch-ups when you’re finally on site again.

We also work with dozens of area property managers and realtors who hire us to paint homes between tenants and rentals.

Frequently asked questions about CertaPro’s services for 2nd homeowners:

“Can you paint my rental home between tenants at my Airbnb property?”

Yes, we can ensure that your interior painting project will be started and finished in the timeframe you give us. This is easy for interior jobs because the weather isn’t a factor in interior painting. For exteriors, this is less exacting because we cannot paint in the rain, so our schedule can get behind due to rainy weather.

Kitchen of beach house in Hull, Massachusetts with newly painted white cabinets
Often kitchen cabinets are dark and outdated, and a fresh coat of paint can help amp up the rental appeal of photos and virtual tours on Airbnb and other rental sites.

“What’s the best time to paint my second home’s interior?”

January and February are our favorite months to paint interiors. Since the exterior painting season spans from March-November in the Boston area, January and February are when we discount our painting, and our best crews are available.

In the past, second homeowners have mailed us a key, but lately, most have given us the codes to enter the home to perform the interior work.



Sailboats and ocean in Dartmouth Massachusetts
We paint homes in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and surrounding towns, even if you can’t be on site.

“What’s the best time to paint my rental home’s exterior?”

We can quote the painting for your second home at any time, and we will start painting exteriors in mid-March or Early April.

These early spring months are great for 2nd homeowners with beach homes because they are less likely to have tenants during the early Spring.

The end of August and early September is another great time to paint your 2nd home – it’s typically dry, and often beach homes are not rented in early September.

Remember, though, since we paint interiors year-round and exteriors from March-November, whatever works for your schedule works for us.

If you have questions about painting your second home or rental in the South Shore, Boston, Plymouth, Dartmouth, and Westport areas, email [email protected].

To schedule a FaceTime or Zoom quote for your 2nd home’s exterior, if you can’t be on-site, click here and choose “remote estimate.”



Written by: Paige NeJame – Franchise Owner

Meredith “Paige” NeJame is nationally known in the painting community and has written and published dozens of articles about painting and running a small business for publications such as The Washington Post, Forbes, Sherwin Williams’ blog, and Apartment Therapy.


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