How late in the fall can I paint my exterior?

Painter on ladder painting shingles of Duxbury home in the fall.
One of our painters staining the shingles of a home in Duxbury, Fall 2021

Updated September 2021:

Each year in the fall lots of people start asking us to fit them into our fall schedule for a few reasons:

1. Fall’s temperature is perfect: once average daytime temperatures dip below 50 degrees (usually early-mid November), exterior latex paint cannot be applied until temperatures rise again (usually in early spring, sometimes earlier).

2. Paint and stain protect your exterior: Because paint and stain is a protective coating, it shields your home from Boston’s harsh winters.

3. Salt air is corrosive: For homes near the coast, the salt air and unrelenting winds will corrode the wood on homes if it’s not painted and stained regularly and raw wood is exposed.  This means that before wintertime, it’s important that all raw wood on your home be painted or stained.

4. Putting your home up for sale in the Spring: If you are planning on putting your home up for sale in the spring, you’ll want to paint the exterior in the fall to be “first to market” in February and March.

Unlike smaller painting companies, our fall schedule is not filled (as of late September). We can even still handle rush jobs in case you need your home painted (interior or exterior) in the next few weeks. We generally stop painting due to low temperatures in early to mid November.

Fall’s crisp air, comfortable temperatures and lower humidity make it a great time to paint your home’s exterior. As you can imagine, even our painters love painting in the fall because it is just so much more comfortable for them to do their very physical work.

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