Painting your high-traffic interior

We are often called upon to paint high-traffic public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and gyms. In most cases, in order to make sure the paint stays as fresh-looking for as long as possible, we recommend scuff-resistant interior paint. There are amazing videos online that show hockey players hitting hockey pucks into walls painted with scuff-resistant paint, testing the durability of these strong coatings.

Scuff-resistant paint is a bit more expensive than other paints, but the cost savings of using scuff-resistant paint in your high traffic area comes when you don’t have to keep repainting the surface every year as it gets marked and dinged.

Our Commercial Clients have found that scuff-resistant paint is great for their common areas, tight spaces, and small public bathrooms where crowds of people are constantly able to bump into the walls.  Our residential Clients love scuff-resistant paint in their homes with young children who bump the walls with their bodies and toys.

Where should I consider using scuff-resistant paint?

We decided on scuff-resistant paint for this mudroom which supports 4 active teenage boys and their hockey equipment!

Home and Residential Uses of Scuff-Resistant Paint:

Hallways – especially if you have young children
Basement walls
“Active” children’s rooms






Using scuff-resistant paint on gym walls prevents having to paint over and over again.

Commercial Uses of Scuff-Resistant Paint:

Gym walls
Public hallways
Retail spaces
Small areas where people and items might bump against the walls a lot (think ladies’ room at a crowded Boston bar).

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