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Does my stucco need repair?

Damaged stucco often appears as brown streaks near windows. You also might notice stucco cracks larger than ⅛” in thickness, white chalking and bulging of your stucco walls.  CertaPro Painters of Boston & South Shore start the stucco painting process by preparing the exterior surface of your home. After repairs have been made, we’ll gently clean the stucco with a pressure washer to remove any excess debris. We thoroughly prep the area before beginning any of the exterior painting. In fact, most of our time is spent in preparing the stucco for the paint.

CertaPro Painters of Boston’s South Shore and surrounding towns can perform the following stucco services:



Repair of stucco cracks



Replacement of damaged stucco



Painting and applying an elastomeric and waterproof sealant that expands and contracts, in order to help prevent future stucco cracking

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Our stucco painting process:

Color consultation by our free, in-home designer, if you need help choosing the perfect color for your stucco home.
Surface preparation of your stucco home.

Repair of any stucco.

Gentle washing of your stucco with either a power washer or by hand washing the stucco.

Priming and painting your home with a waterproof, elastomeric paint that will expand and contract with the New England seasons.

If you have any questions about painting or repairing your stucco home, email [email protected]. We’re happy to answer your questions, even if you’re doing the work yourself.