How to find an (excellent) Commercial Painter in the Boston-area

Chapter 2

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How to find an (excellent) Boston Commercial Painting Company

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Finding an excellent Commercial Painting Company requires knowing exactly what to look for that makes them “excellent.”

Now that you know the services a Commercial Painter should provide, let’s outline a method for finding some decent Commercial Painting Companies for your bid list.


1. LinkedIn: While you may not know any people who use a Boston Commercial Painting Company regularly, your network of LinkedIn colleagues surely does.

Look for 1st and 2nd connections with the following job titles and reach out to them to see who they would recommend (or not recommend) as a Boston Commercial Painting Contractor:

• Property Managers manage condominiums, apartment complexes, and other large residential and commercial buildings. For example, a Property Manager might award a Commercial Painter the staining of 250 decks and porches in a Condominium Complex on the North Shore.  Property Managers also handle lots of interior painting for property owners for whom they work.

• Facility Managers handle maintenance and painting for extensive facilities like YMCAs, office buildings, warehouses, etc., and use Boston Commercial Painting Companies regularly.  Facility Managers in your LinkedIn network will likely have a list of Boston Commercial Painting Companies they have worked with regularly.

2. Internet searches: While you’re likely to know to Google the phrase “Painters near me,” here are some more phrases that will help you return the Boston Commercial Painting Companies that best fit your needs:

3. Stop by job sites where Commercial Painting Companies are working in the Boston area. This gives you a unique peek into how the project will be handled if you hire them.

Now that you know where to find Commercial Painting Companies, let’s make sure you know how to compare Boston Commercial Painting Companies and the bids they submit in the next chapter.

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