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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: What’s next?

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Here’s a handy checklist to start your search for a commercial painter near you:

Contractor Evaluation:

[  ] 5+ years in business

[  ] Licensed and insured

[  ] References within your industry (for example, if you’re a property manager, they should have references from other property managers they can share).

[  ]  Dedicated Commercial Painting Department.

[  ] Has enough crews & painters to handle the project.

[  ] Can meet your timeline and deadlines.

[  ] Has painters trained in commercial painting.

[  ] Has an office staff to handle billing, insurance, and paperwork.

[ ] Can provide non-biased references.

[ ] Comes recommended by paint manufacturers.

The estimate

[  ] Meet contractor on site – this will save you time in the long run.

[  ] Pricing should be written out (nothing verbal) and should include the following:

      • Full price with options priced separately
      • Includes and excludes clear
      • Payment terms explicit
      • Warranty explicit
      • Duration of project & hours on-site explicit
      • Rental costs (i.e., lifts, scaffolding) explicit

[  ] Incorporates photos, so there is no question of what needs to be done.

[  ] Everything is written; nothing is verbal.

Awarding the painting project

[  ] Confirm the timeline working backward from the completion date.

[  ] Establish pre-job planning discussion.

[  ] Contractor should provide a written project plan outlining the stages of the project.

[  ] Sign and return contracts.

[  ] Pay deposits.

[  ] Ask the contractor to help with tenant communications.

[  ] Establish the best communication method (text, email, phone, Zoom).

[  ] Establish job walks with the crew leader at milestones.

Painting the project

[  ] Meet the crew on the first day – this lets them know you have high standards.

[  ] Collaborate and maintain open lines of communication.

[  ] Discuss issues as they arise.

If you would like to contact the author of this guide to quote your Commercial Painting Project and you are located in the Boston metro areas (and towns North, South, and West of Boston, including the Plymouth and Cape Cod regions), please email Louis NeJame at [email protected]. Or call 781-422-1018.

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