Checking references on a Commercial Painting Company.

Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Checking references on a Boston Commercial Painting Company

You know you need to check the painting company’s references, but how do you find people who will vouch for them?

  • Use LinkedIn or Facebook

    Ask your network which Commercial Painting Companies they’d recommend.linkedin logo

    • If using LinkedIn, see if you can search for 1st or 2nd level contacts who have the title “Property Manager” or “Facility Manager” in their profiles. Reach out to these people (do a Google Search to find out their email address) and ask them which Boston Commercial Painting Companies they’ve had success with previously. Or let them know which Boston Commercial Painting Company you’re thinking about hiring, and listen to their thoughts.
    • power washing service
      Look at the difference power washing shingles makes!

      Also see if you can find a reference who has had peeling paint or other warranty issue. A smooth warranty process indicates a painter who stands by their work and will be around for the long haul.

    • Search LinkedIn for “Commercial Painters in the Boston Area” to get a list of people that work in the Commercial Painting industry.
    • Online painting reviews tend to be written by residential homeowners, so you may not be able to use online reviews as a primary source to check out a Commercial Painting Company. Great online reviews for residential homes are still an indication of a Boston painting company that cares.
    • Ask your final Boston Commercial Painting Companies for references from their customers. Understand that they will likely give you only their happy customers, but still ask.
    • stairwell
      Boston Stairwell Painting Completed Winter 2021

      If you want to check out the company’s warranty process, ask for a reference from a customer who has had warranty work completed. This way, you can determine if the warranty is lip-service or something the company truly upholds.

    • Ask for references from customers who completed a project that’s similar to yours.
    • Stop by a painting project that the Commercial Painting Company is currently doing. This will show you how well the project is organized and give you insight into the actual painting process with that Commercial Painting Company.
    • Ask to see Commercial before and after photos from previous commercial painting projects.
    • See if the Boston Commercial Painting Company has any case studies on previous commercial painting projects that they can share with you. Look closely at the types of commercial painting projects they have experience with, to be sure they can handle your commercial painting project.
office painting
Before and After:  Boston area Exterior Office Painting, 2020

You’re almost there – now that you’ve learned the best way to check references on the Boston Commercial Painting Companies you’re considering, read the next chapter to learn about certifications, licenses, and the role safety should play on your Commercial Painting project.

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