Unusual Things We Paint

As a painting company most people would guess that we paint a lot of walls, decks, porches, ceilings, columns, clapboards, and shingles.

I bet you wouldn’t guess that we paint lots of the following things:

brick building
Metal flagpoles are a favorite project of our commercial clients.

Metal Flagpoles:

Last year we painted over 50 flag poles across the South Shore, many at cemeteries and in front of Town Buildings.


Indoor and outdoor plumbing and pipes need to look good or it can take away from the look of a room or a building, so last year we painted dozens of pipes at many of our Commercial Painting Clients’ facilities.

paint sprayer
Painting indoor and outdoor pipes helps keep them looking good but also can help “color code” them so you know what flows through them.

Wooden Swing Sets:

To add protection to the wooden swing sets so popular in our area, we painted or stained quite a few swing sets last year for our Residential Clients. Brands like Childlife and Creative Playthings’ wooden swing sets need a coat of paint or stain every few years to keep the wood protected and not prone to rot.  Because many  South Shore swingsets reside on the oceanfront lawns, the sea salt can eat away at the paint and rot the wood.

Fire Escapes:

Many of our Boston Commercial Landlords and Property & Facility Managers have us paint their fire escapes to keep them up to code.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles:

Did you know that painting Acoustic Ceiling Tiles can transform your stained and yellowed ceilings while also keeping the sound-muffling qualities of the tiles intact? We paint Acoustic Ceiling Tiles in place so there’s very little disruption for about half the cost of replacing them entirely.

Kitchen Cabinets:

Kitchen cabinet doors drying after being painted white and gray-blue
Often, we take kitchen cabinet doors to our warehouse to spray them. This gives kitchen cabinet doors a smooth finish.

We paint hundreds of wooden kitchen and bathroom cabinets so they look fresh and modern. And while most customers choose white or off-white, our free color consultant can also help you choose a paint color that modernizes the look of your kitchen.

Fronts of Commercial Buildings – especially when a new sign is being installed:

We’re called in to paint the front of the building when a new sign is being replaced on a building.

Painting Parking Lot Bollards

Yellow Posts

Most of our Commercial Customers have bollards in their parking lots and curbs that get dinged by vehicles and last year we painted over 500 of them!

Painting to speed bumps:

speed bump

In 2020 we painted hundreds of speed bumps in condominium and apartment complexes throughout Boston.

Triple Decker Homes:

triple decker home
Boston’s triple-deckers can be painted any color and are a defining feature of many Boston neighborhoods.




Triple Deckers aren’t necessarily an unusual thing to paint, but they are a very “Boston-specific” type of residence. Each year we paint the exteriors of dozens of triple-deckers and multi-family homes.




Painters on ladders painting scoreboard
Freshening up a South Shore Scoreboard in 2021.

From the Green Monster to local schools, if your scoreboard needs freshening up, we can paint it.

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