Acoustical Ceiling Tile Restoration

for New England Supermarket Chain

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Commercial Case Study – Acoustical Ceiling Tile Restoration

Our Client is a large supermarket chain in New England that had stained acoustical ceiling tiles due to a leak.  The staining on their drop ceiling made their otherwise pristine food market look dated and unclean.

  • We were able to transform the look of the acoustical ceiling tiles from yellow and stained to like-new for half the cost of installing new tiles.
  • Ceiling tiles were painted in place (we did not have to remove them).
  • The paint was specifically designed to paint acoustical ceiling tiles and is sprayed on.
  • As the paint dries, the tiles do NOT stick to the strapping of the drop ceiling.
  • The paint we used was fire-retardant and sound-dimming, allowing the sound-absorbing qualities of the tiles to remain intact.
  • Night painting – we did all painting in off hours so the supermarket could stay open during normal business hours.

If you need a painting quote, email [email protected]. We can get you a quote within a few days or sooner if you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ceiling Tile Painting

Can I paint my acoustical ceiling tiles a color other than white?

Yes. While our Client painted their ceiling tiles white, paint is available in other colors too. Painting a darker color on the ceiling not only adds color, but tends to make the ceilings look higher in 7-foot ceiling basements.\

Can I use latex paint to paint my ceiling tiles myself?

Yes, but the sound absorbing and fire retardant qualities will be diminished. If you are using latex paint and painting the tiles yourself, you should think about taking them down rather than painting them in place.

Do I have to find the source of the staining before I paint the ceiling tiles?

Yes, if you don’t want the staining to return, you should call in a plumber to find the source of the leak and fix it prior to painting your ceiling tiles.

What other places have you painted ceiling tiles?

  • Retail spaces
  • Residential finished basements
  • Doctors offices or anywhere a person is reclined and is viewing the ceiling.