Fire Escape Painting Project

in Watertown, MA

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Painting Fire escapes in the Boston area

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Because fire escapes are required to be well-maintained in Massachusetts, our Client hired us to inspect and paint his fire escape in Watertown. Work included:


  • We invited an ironworks company to join us on an inspection of the joints and bolts so the building owner could have them fixed by the ironworks company before our painting crew’s arrival.

Scraping and Wire-Brushing Old Paint:

  • We firmly scraped and wire-brushed the metal fire escapes to remove loose paint, rust and to allow the new paint to adhere well.

Priming the Fire Escape:

  • Using one coat of a rust-inhibiting primer to protect any areas from further rusting and damage.

Painting the Fire Escape:

  • We painted the fire escapes using 2 coats of exterior industrial black paint coating to ensure the paint job’s longevity.
  • We applied non-skid paint on the stair treads to increase traction.

Staying in Compliance with Massachusetts Fire Escape Laws:

  • Provided the building owner with a maintenance contract to regularly uphold the local ordinance to paint and maintain fire escapes. The maintenance contract was written so that CertaPro Painters inspects the fire escapes and provides any painting to stay in compliance with Massachusetts law.

fire escape painting