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If you look around, it’s incredible how many railings and hand-rails exist on Boston-area buildings. For example, there are wood railings, round railings, metal railings, single-railings attached to the wall, and deck railings. Handicapped railings and railings inside bathrooms are more and more commonplace.

When railings are rough or if the paint on your railing is chipping, it can cause injury. When guardrails are dirty, they look unsanitary and can damage your business’ brand image.


Fortunately, we maintain, repair, and wood and metal paint railings all the time by:

  • Sanding, wire-brushing, and scraping paint on metal railings before adding a rust-inhibiting primer and paint that’s formulated just for metal surfaces.
  • Rust removal from metal railings and an application of rust-neutralizer to prevent future rust to the metal.
  • Prepping, sanding, and staining before adding a coat of polyurethane to protect wood railings.
  • Painting to wood deck railings, even when the deck’s top decking boards are made of composite. Even though lots deck tops are made of composite decking boards, some railings and spindles often remain wood.
  • Cleaning, painting, and staining to wall and stair rails.
  • Complete replacement of wood, metal, or composite railings that are beyond repair or contain rotted wood. Our carpenters can replace your railings and can even do a partial-railing-replacement in areas of your railing that are susceptible to rotting.

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We are railing painting specialists in the Boston area. If you have any questions or would like a quote to paint your railings, email Paige at [email protected].