A quick guide to our your first meeting with CertaPro Painters of the South Shore & Boston area:

inspection after paintingHow long will the estimate appointment take?

We’ll introduce ourselves and then take about 10 minutes with you to walk around so you can show us what you’re thinking.

After that, you are free to do what you need to do and we will re-walk the project, take measurements, write down all of the details and take photos and videos.

Something to remember: Adding work to an existing project is usually less expensive than having us come back to paint something at another time.  For example, adding the painting of your shed to an existing exterior painting project of your home will be less expensive since we’re already on-site than coming back a year later to paint the same shed.

When will I get the quote?

Within a day or two we’ll email you the quote.  Check your spam folder if you haven’t received your quote.  If it’s not in the spam folder, please email [email protected] to have it re-emailed to you.

Kate Rafoth's photo
This is Kate Rafoth – our Color Consultant and Estimator – she was Sherwin Williams’ color expert before she came to us!


Who will be coming to my house?

You’ll meet with one of our following wonderful estimators – their name will be on the email confirmation you receive from our office – click on their names below to be brought to their bios and photos.

Kate Rafoth, John Donnelly, Ted Komenda, Louis NeJame or Dave Rowell




Blue houseSome questions we’ll ask you at our meeting include:

1. What is your goal for this painting project? Do you need your dining room painted in time for a party? Does your home’s exterior need a “maintenance coat” on it because you are going to put it on the market?

2. When does your project need to be done?  Or conversely, when does your painting project need to start?

3. Is there any wood that needs replacing on your exterior before we paint? (we have carpenters on staff to handle this).

4. What is your budget for this project? This question is important because when we understand your budget, we can recommend ideas that work within it. For example, if we know you have a small budget and are moving in a year, we might suggest a one-coat application of paint to help you save money but still be able to freshen up your exterior or interior walls for a new buyer.

5. Do you need help choosing colors? We have a designer on staff that can come to your home to help you. This is a free service we provide as part of any project with us.

6. Is there a pet in the house? Do we need to make sure the cat doesn’t get out? We understand that our feathered and furry friends are members of the family too. This is helpful for us so we can make sure our painters are aware before we arrive.

7. Are there children in the house? What time does the baby nap so we aren’t making noise near the nursery? Is 8:30 a bad start time because you’re getting kids on the bus?  For most people, having a painter working on their home is a disruption, so if we can make this easier for you, we want to try!

8. Where can we park our vehicles so we are not disrupting your household routine or blocking the driveway?

9. Where can we set up a “lay-down” area for our tools so that they are neat and safe?

10. Have you seen our reviews? You can also Google “South Shore CertaPro Painters’ reviews” to see our reviews at all the major sites.

11. Who can we update each day to update with the status of your project, and schedule our Pride Walk at the completion of the job?

Discussing these things the first time we meet helps us provide you with a painting experience that is set up for success.

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