The importance of having a long-term relationship with your Commercial Painter

In every business relationship, as long as both sides are “delivering what they promise,” the relationship usually gets better with age. This is true with the relationship we have with our Commercial Clients.

Does this sound familiar? You try out a new vendor (painter, plumber, cleaning service) and have high hopes for their skills. The first job is a home run – you are sure you were right about hiring them. But as time goes by, the workmanship declines and so does the relationship. You are given so many different vendor representatives that you have to repeat your needs over and over again. This is exactly the scenario we try hard to prevent.

  • Both of our Commercial Painting Specialists, Dave Rowell and Ted Komenda have been with us for years and as a result all of the “little things” they’ve learned about their Clients and the way they do business is firmly in their minds. For example:
  • One of our Assisted Living Clients Painting cannot read the bills we send from our software program, so we email them to her as a PDF in a regular email. Our billing department remembers this for every bill we send.
  • One of our large Property Managers needs us to buy their paint from a painting vendor from which they have negotiated a national pricing deal. Our painters know this because it’s specified on their work orders.
  • Our large commercial banking Client has a specific painting crew that works on their jobs because they have already passed the bank’s security clearance. Our Production department knows to only assign this crew when there is a job for this bank.
  • A landlord who owns dozens of triple-deckers in Dorchester loves to have us come back every two years to sand, stain and maintain the decks. We call him every 24 months.

All of these “small things” add up to a better day for our Commercial Painting Clients who don’t have to explain and re-explain them to us over and over.

Take a look at our Guide To Hiring a Commercial Painter, to see the tips and tricks we’ve compiled to make your job easier.