Interior painting to stairwells

at busy downtown Boston parking garage

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Commercial Case Study – Painting of stairwells for downtown Boston parking garage

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Work included:

  • The stairwells were located in an unheated part of the garage, so the paint formula used was one that could withstand large temperature fluctuations of Boston’s cold winters and hot summers
  • Painted stair treads using a non-skid paint for better stair traction of their patrons.
  • Painted at night, after the garage closed at no extra charge. This allowed the garage to stay open during normal business hours and not have customers entering the stairwells while we were painting.
  • We finished in time for the paint to dry to the touch each morning when the garage opened again to prevent customers from dinging wet paint by accident (of course we still put up “wet paint” signs).
  • Also painted the bollards throughout the garage using highly reflective yellow paint.

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