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The exteriors of many buildings and homes in New England are covered with EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System). Although it is sold as “maintenance free”, you should inspect EIFS regularly to make sure it’s holding up properly. EIFS is a lightweight, 2-inch polystyrene synthetic stucco and you can tell your building is covered in EIFS if it sounds hollow when you knock on the stucco.

When there are cracks in the joints or holes in the surface, moisture tends to get through the EIFS panel and cause wood rot to the framing and plywood beneath the EIFS. If you see cracks or holes in the caulking, this is a clue that moisture may be reaching your wood structure and causing damage. Woodpeckers in the Boston-area love to peck on EIFS, making the substructure vulnerable to water damage. You should also never attach anything to the EIFS panel such as a mailbox, since screw holes could allow moisture to penetrate the holes and rot the wood beneath the EIFS.

Once the EIFS is in good condition, and holes and cracks have been repaired, we are able to paint the stucco surface with a fresh coat of exterior paint.

We are EIFS specialists in the Boston area. If you’d like a quote on your EIFS repair or painting project, just email Paige NeJame at [email protected].