Painting Your Office In Your Brand’s Colors

You can use the impact of color to stay on-brand when choosing colors for your office or retail space. We have helped Clients from Nike to Fidelity paint their offices, so they look on-trend. Here are some tips:

bold office

Go bold:

When choosing colors, don’t be afraid to use the boldest of your corporate colors as accent walls and highlight your office’s architecture. We can match any color you’d like (even from a corporate brochure or T-shirt) to the paint we use on your office walls. Over the years, we’ve had fun with color in bathrooms, break rooms, and on railings in stairwells.

The psychological effect of office colors on your customers and staff:


When choosing colors, understand that the palette you choose will affect your employees and customers psychologically. For example, since orange is considered “fast” or “hurried,” lots of fast food joints use orange in their color schemes. On the other hand, pink can be a calming color that’s often used in libraries and hospital gift shops. It essential to make sure that the color not only looks good but “feels” right too.

A rule of thumb:  Combine interior colors using a ratio of 10:30:60

Working with our free color consultant pays dividends to the end product. A guideline we use is:

10% of the walls are painted in a bold accent color.
30% of the interior space, usually the trim, is painted another color.
60% of the area is painted a neutral color.

This ratio helps give the space balance and panache but is only a guideline. We’re happy to work with your corporate team to paint your vision.

office space

Getting your paint colors just right:

Painting an office often costs thousands of dollars, so it’s crucial to get the colors right – especially if you’re going bold. Have your painter brush paint samples on the walls before buying all of the paint. This way, if you need to go a little lighter or darker, you’ve only spent money on a quart of paint. Be sure to look at the paint samples in different lighting and at different times of the day before making your final choice. Our painters often have to prepare your office before painting, so if you sample the paint on the first day, you’ll have time while our painters prepare the walls to look at the samples and determine your final colors later that day.

Adding your logo to your wall:

furnitureIf you want to add your company logo to the walls, you can purchase a large logo from a company specializing in large wall stickers.

Matching your current furnishings to the new paint:

Be sure to meet with our free color consultant at your office to see your current setup. This way, she can work to choose colors that match your current furnishings, and you won’t have to spend more money buying new couches, desks, and lighting after you paint.

Paint your office’s exterior to stay “on brand”:

Lots of Boston-area towns have strict zoning.  For example, in Duxbury, Dunkin’ Donuts is not allowed to have their pink and orange brand colors on their awning, and have had to settle for a brown awning instead to fit in better with Duxbury’s design rules.  We are experts at combining the traditional exterior paint colors of the Boston area with small touches of a brand’s colors on trim, flower boxes, doors and other accent areas.


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