Interior Common halls

at a Condominium Property on the North Shore of Massachusetts

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Commercial Case Study – Painting of interior halls

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In June 2020 we primed, painted and fixed the drywall in over 35 common areas throughout the property including:

  • Interior painting to common hallways and common areas.
  • Dents, small holes in the drywall where posters and flyers were previously hung were patched and feather-sanded to a smooth finish prior to painting.
  • Using scuff-resistant paint to extend the longevity of the painting project in all high traffic areas.
  • Painting a recreation room with 22’ ceilings – we are experts at painting high ceilings and high spaces.
  • Used low-VOC paint products when possible so the smell of paint fumes was minimal. This was especially important in the restaurants and dining areas where paint fumes could interfere with the smell and taste of food being served.
  • Our (free, on-site) designer chose a new interior colors for the multi-purpose room that was a bit more on-trend than the previous interior color.
  • Coordination with the residents to make sure knew when we’d be in their hallway so they could be careful of the wet paint. We hung door hangers on all units the day before we would be painting that area to keep residents informed.
  • Used scuff-resistant paint in high traffic areas to be sure the interior paint job lasted a long time.

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