Dave RowellDirector of Commercial Services

Phone: 781-422-1018

Dave is a graduate of Wesleyan University, and he still gets excited when he can help a client discover an unrecognized problem or identify an unanticipated solution.  “I believe this approach has enabled me to develop long-standing relationships with customers so that they see me as a trusted advisor and not just another vendor.”

A little more about what Dave offers CertaPro Commercial Clients:

DAVE’S CLIENTS:  Professionals responsible for capital improvements across their properties.  Most of these companies are in the Boston, South Shore, Plymouth, and Cape Cod areas.  Because most of my clients are in charge of many other things besides painting, I make it easy for them to attend to their other work while we do their painting.

SERVICES: I solve logistics, timing, and technical painting and carpentry issues on exterior and interior commercial painting projects.

25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: I make it easy to get your property painted – even when your business has to stay open while the project is happening.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 781-422-1018