Getting your home ready to sell

We paint for lots of South Shore and Boston-area families before they sell their home, and if they stay in the area, we usually paint for them again on their way into their new home.

3 Takeaways for painting your home before you sell it:

Do: Paint over bold or bright colors with more neutral colors to attract the broadest buyer market. A purple accent wall may be meaningful to you, but it could turn off buyers.

Don’t: Spend too much money to paint a home you’re moving out of – painting one “maintenance” coat will make your home look fresh and won’t break the bank.

Do: Fix obvious areas of wood rot – our carpenters can help you with this. This will help you pass the home inspection.

Here are some ways we can help you get your home “dressed for sales success”:

Choose colors that are universally appealing to buyers

Paint colors that sell homes are usually neutrals (grays, beiges, whites). Neutral colors allow buyers to visualize themselves in your home easily. We have three designers on staff to work with customers for free, to help them “neutralize” their home’s colors. This is a free service once you decide to have us paint for you.

If you are selling a historic home, we have our own proprietary color palette designed by us specifically for South Shore and Boston-area homes.



Exterior painting before you sell your home:cedar shingles on a boston home

Consider a single coat of paint on your home’s trim or body. We can often do this on a tight budget, with minimal prep. We call this a “real estate spruce up” because we’re in and out for a minimal cost.

Think about a coat of paint on high visibility areas like your front door, especially if the current color is trendy or unusual and might not appeal to everyone.

Powerwash your deck and shingles to freshen them up – this can really make a difference at a minimal cost.




Interior painting before you sell your home:interior painting south shore ma

Now is the time to paint neutral colors on your walls. You might love lavender, but the next family might not be able to visualize themselves in a home with purple walls.

If your colors are already neutral a quick coat of paint may be all you need to freshen them up. Before you decide to paint though, try using a Magic Eraser on walls – often you don’t even have to paint your walls to remove scuffs. Important: Be sure to try out the Magic Eraser on an inconspicuous area first, as they can sometimes remove the paint or sheen.

Paint your dated kitchen cabinets. This is less expensive than replacing the cabinets, and can make a dated kitchen look modern.

Paint your stained ceilings – and be sure to fix the leak above the stains so the water stains don’t reappear.

Touch up your interior trim – Be sure to touch up your scuffed baseboards, door and window trim. If you’re doing this yourself, be sure not to “spot paint” the scuffs, but to instead paint the entire trim board to a natural break. Spot painting often results in a spotty looking trim board, because a color match is rarely perfect.

Small carpentry projects – replacing a broken shingle, a rotted wood trim board or spindle can instantly make your home look well-maintained. We have carpenters on staff to help with these projects.



“My open house is in 2 weeks!”open house - for sale

We also know that your budget might be tight before the closing. This is why we offer 6-month “same as cash” financing that allows you to paint now and pay for it in 6-months at 0% interest. Here’s a guide to our costs so you understand the average costs we charge. Of course, we can do a one-coat “real estate spruce up” with minimal prep, for much less than noted in our guide.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

We’re happy to answer your questions and help you get your home sold, even if you’re doing the painting yourself.