Day-by-day journal of an exterior painting project

Read an account of what it’s like to have your exterior painted by CertaPro Painters:

This was our 16-year old home prior to CertaPro coming to paint our exterior.

Greenish gray house before house painting project
“Our house had been this color for 16 years. I hoped I was making the right decision to paint it a lighter color.”

Friday, September 18 – Color consultation with Kate:

Met with Kate Rafoth, CertaPro’s designer to help me choose colors for the outside of my home. Kate asked lots of questions about how I wanted the home to feel, and we came up with several color palettes that I liked.

computer rendering of painted home
One of the computer color renderings Kate mocked up for us. I didn’t take a picture of our final choice though!

Saturday, September 25 – Powerwashing the house:

Painters arrived at 8:15am to power wash the exterior. I was nervous because I had still not chosen my final exterior colors. The painters assured me the final colors wouldn’t be needed for another few days. In the meantime, Ray, the Job Site Supervisor asked me for some of the colors I was pondering about, and bought and applied some color samples so I could see what they looked like in the light and shadows of our home, before I made my final choice.

power washing house to prep for painting
Shutters were taken down, and power washing began
power washing a deck
Our Mahogany deck is power washed.
color selection
Ray painted one shutter in one of our color choices so we could imagine it “in real life.” We choose Sherwin Williams Pavestone as our final shutter color and Festoon Aqua as the front door color.  What’s interesting about sampling the colors was that at when the colors were initially painted they looked completely different than they did 2 hours later when they mellowed a bit.

Sunday, September 26 – Home is left to dry:

No work is done. Our home is left to dry from the power washing.

drying deck after power wash
Wet deck is drying from the power washing the previous day.

Monday, September 28:

The crew arrived at 8 am and began preparing the house (“prepping) by removing the downspouts, sanding, and repairing the rotted trim boards with PVC trim.

downspouts leaning against the tree
Downspouts are removed
sanding a home to prep for painting project
Ray sands the trim to prepare it for the first coat of paint.
window trim replacement
CertaPro’s carpenter replaced the rotted wood trim of this window with PVC trim boards so it would never rot again! I can’t tell the difference between the look of the wood vs. the PVC.

Tuesday, September 29 – Due to rain last night, the house is still too wet to paint:

Ray calls me to tell me that they won’t be able to work today because of rain the previous night. He explains that the house’s wood would be too wet to paint.

wet deck
Since it rained last night, it’s too wet to paint the house today.

Wednesday, September 30 – Friday, October 1st – Painting begins:

The painters arrive at 8:30am and get to work putting plastic over the windows, spraying the house, and then back-rolling it. The color of the home we chose was Sherwin Williams Alabaster, a stark contrast to the gray/green we had on the home before. I get a little nervous because the contrast between the two colors is so different than what I’m used to.

painting siding on a home in boston
Everson sprays our new color onto the home before “backrolling” the paint. Did I choose the right color with Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster – it looks so different!?
painting shutters
Ray sprays the shutters Sherwin Williams’ Pavestone. It looks to be a lot lighter than the sample on the color chip, but Ray assures me that it will look darker once the shutter is against the white background of the house.


sanding a deck to prep for painting
Sanding the Mahogany deck
painting a deck
Staining the deck rails and spindles.
painting house
Brushing solid stain on the 16-year old shingles on the sides and back of the house. We wanted the 16-year old shingles to look “new” so we chose a solid stain in a color that would mimic new shingles.
Doors are sprayed Sherwin Williams’ Festoon Aqua
Doors are sprayed Sherwin Williams’ Festoon Aqua
sms with painter asking for new trim color
I see a door on Pinterest I like, and Wednesday night I text a picture of my inspiration to Ray asking him to paint the grids of the side doors white.
Trim and parts of the house that weren’t sprayed are painted with a brush.
Trim and parts of the house that weren’t sprayed are painted with a brush.
ray painting clapboards
I wonder what music Ray is listening to as he paints the tiny clapboards near the garage?
Our window trim is painted with a brush. The painters tell me that spraying only works for for large swaths of the home.
Our window trim is painted with a brush. The painters tell me that spraying only works for large swaths of the home.
 The clapboards are done - I’m finally able to relax that the colors we chose are correct.
The clapboards are done – I’m finally able to relax that the colors we chose are correct.
The old threshold is replaced with a new one.
The old threshold is replaced with a new one.
back door painted and put in
The back door is placed, and Ray painted the grids white like the Pinterest photo I showed him. The shingles are finished, and the solid stain color we chose made them look like new. Hard to believe that these shingles are 16 years old!
putting in shutters
The shutters are put screwed in place. The screen door is also painted Sherwin Williams Festoon Aqua, so the door looks more prominent from the curb.
painting rake board at entryway
Ray suggests painting the rake board at the peak of the portico and the decorative part of the posts the same color as the shutters to make it look “finished.” He’s right!
Our clam shell door knocker is re-installed.
Our clamshell door knocker is re-installed.
this is the view from the curb.
Finished – this is the view from the curb.
After house painting project

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