Solved: “My home’s exterior looks exactly like my neighbor’s.”

9 paint touches for your South Shore exterior that’ll amp up your curb appeal.

“How can I make my house stand out in a neighborhood where all the houses look the same?”

Driving around the South Shore and Boston-region, you may be frustrated to see homes that look just like yours. The good news is that you can add subtle touches to your home’s exterior with paint that will amp up your home’s design while still keeping in the South Shore’s traditional look.

“I love my neighbor’s exterior color, but I don’t want to seem like a copycat.”

Adding the subtle paint touches below can also help you in the awkward situation where you want to paint home the same color as your neighbor’s, but don’t want to seem like a copycat.

Subtle touch #1: Paint your window grids a dark color.

White window grids are expected and traditional – especially in the Puritan heritage of Massachusetts. Painting elements of your windows a darker color such as bottle green, burgundy, or black is just stunning.

A few variations on dark- windows:


House with 4 pillars
Choosing accent colors adds no additional cost to the painting job, but amps up the curb appeal!

Subtle touch #2: Paint your exterior 4-6 separate colors that blend well together

Painting your body, trim, and shutters three colors is “expected.” Why not ask our free designer to help you choose three additional colors that will blend nicely with the first three colors, but will help emphasize your shingles, dormers, front door, or other architectural detail.






Red house
This Hingham home is painted all the same color – the shutters look darker but are simply a glossier sheen of the home’s body color.

Subtle touch #3: Paint your whole house one color

Painting the body, trim, and shutters the same color lends a traditional look that is unusual, but not over the top.







Dark gray door
This plum/gray color initially made our Client nervous, but it turned out to be a spectacular choice!

Dock with small red building
Try a bold color on an outbuilding!

Subtle touch #4: Paint an outbuilding such as a shed, pool house, or dock railings something unexpected.


A small outbuilding, like a shed or pool house, can be a place to have fun with color.  Choose something unexpected that looks nice with your main home’s color palette but is a nod to your personality.





yellow door
Your front door is a small but conspicuous area – so let your personality shine through here

Subtle touch #5: Paint your front door to suit your personality.

This serves two purposes:

  1. You get a low-cost and prominent way to paint a bold color you love.
  2. The front door is a low-impact way of using bold colors – if you decide to sell your home, you can repaint the front door easily and inexpensively to appeal to more buyers.




White house with blue door
Painting an architectural detail helps it pop.

Subtle touch #6: Paint an accent color to highlight the architectural details of your home.

Exterior molding trim often has intricacies that can be emphasized with paint. Painting an accent color on a hidden carving makes it stand out.





Beige home arial view

Subtle touch #7:  Choose an exterior color that blends with your roof.

Your roof color should ALWAYS factor into the color of your exterior.  Every roof has undertones that you want to work with (not against) when choosing exterior paint colors.





Turquoise home
We painted this home in 2020 and the turquoise color is bold but still traditional.
Subtle touch #8:  Choose a body color that’s unusual.

This delightful turquoise home sits in the middle of one of the most traditional areas of Duxbury and stands out while fitting right in!






Red door on white brick house

Subtle Touch #9:  Paint the brick on your exterior

Painting the brick on your home is one way to ease the visual load of the different colors of brick and mortar that can make your home seem “spotty.”

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