Painting certain colors can increase the value of your home.

Selling your house is a numbers game – the more people that find your home appealing, the more likely you will fetch your asking, or these days, over-asking price.

Lately, there has been a lot of press about how painting your front door black can up the sale price by $5,000 – here are more of our ideas on using certain paint colors to increase the value of your home.

Caveat:  If your home is in decent shape and painting won’t increase the value of your home by at least as much as it costs you to paint it, it’s not worth having it painted.

Paint must appeal to house buyers who are browsing online:

Man using iPad to look for homeSince much of the legwork to find a home is done online, to get more showings your walls should be painted in universally appealing colors that will “pop” on the screen.  You don’t want your home to be passed over because it has an orange accent wall when it’s so simple to appeal to more buyers online by painting over the orange with beige or gray.

Paint must also appeal to people as soon as they enter your home:

The most important part of selling a home is how buyers feel when they’re in your home. Because walls are the largest surface feature of a home, paint color makes a significant impact on the feeling a home gives a buyer. Choosing paint colors that feel universally “calm” or “beautiful” can increase the number of people interested in the house.

By choosing universally appealing colors (white kitchen, gray living room, light blue bathroom), buyers can also visualize themselves in your home.  The more buyers that can imagine themselves your home, the more showings and ultimately offers you’ll have.

Real estate pricing is a supply and demand game – and universally appealing paint colors help you play it.

    • White kitchen cabinets with light blue backsplash
      What buyer wouldn’t feel great in this white Scituate kitchen?

      White kitchens sell. Many kitchens that were remodeled twenty years ago using white cabinets still look modern. Repainting outdated oak or cherry kitchen cabinets is an instant refresh that lots of Clients embark on before putting their homes on the market. Once kitchen cabinets are updated with a coat of white paint, the whole house suddenly seems more contemporary —It’s a boost not only for the kitchen but that carries over to how the buyers feel in the rest of the home.

    • Light blue bathroom walls with white fixtures
      Light blue bathroom walls in this Pembroke home feel calm and clean.

      A bathroom painted a lighter blue can feel clean, even when it isn’t!  As with the white kitchen cabinets, painting a bathroom a color like Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt can help people entering the room feel a certain way. My kids’ bathroom is painted Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt on purpose – it helps draw your attention from the globs of toothpaste in the sink and make you “feel” like the kids’ bathroom is cleaner than it actually might be (ha!).

    • A living room painted light gray or greige is a universally appealing color that matches most furnishings, so it will help buyers visualize their furniture (no matter what the color their furnishings are) in the room. Walls painted gray can accommodate a lavender ottoman just as easily as a dark leather couch.

Here are some colors that we have found to be universally appealing.  If you are stumped, don’t go it alone – Kate is our complimentary color consultant who will help you choose colors that will appeal to buyers.

  • Living Rooms:  Sherwin Williams Modern Gray – a greige that looks great with so many styles and furnishings.


  • Kitchen cabinets:  Sherwin Williams Alabaster – a white that’s not too yellow. It is super-important that a seller not choose a white paint that reads “dirty” as some white paints do.


  • Bathroom: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

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