Eg-Shell? What the Heck is Eg-Shell?

Is Eg-Shell a color or a sheen?
Two of the questions every painter gets asked are about color and sheen. Most of our customers have an idea about what colors they are interested in but often have little clarity about the sheen.

It is very understandable, as there are a multitude of sheens promoted by the paint manufacturers. The sheens fall into 3 broad categories:

1. Flats – none or very little sheen. Flats are designed not to reflect light. They are great for surfaces that are uneven or large dimensionally.

2. Satin and Eg-Shell- These are common sheens in Texas. They reflect more light than flats, so they show a bit more of the surface texture. Generally speaking, they are more washable than flat and do not suffer from burnishing

3. Semi-Gloss and Gloss- These sheens reflect more light and are best used on smooth surfaces such as baseboards and other trim.

Paint companies have many different names for paints within the 3 categories of paint. The best recommendation I can make is that you talk to your painter. At CertaPro Painters of West Houston, our sales team is well versed in sheens and colors and are an excellent resource for you to make informed choices for your project.

Eg-Shell is both a color and a sheen. Several paint manufacturers have an off-white color that they call Eg-Shell. They also have a sheen they call Eg-Shell. Confused? CertaPro Painters of West Houston is here to help