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Qualities like working hard, getting the job done right, and fostering respect while working as part of a team are core to the CertaPro Painters® brand culture. This makes each independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchise unique and fulfilling places to work. It is important to not only deliver memorable experiences for customers, but for team members of each independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchise, as well.

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Each independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchise goes beyond color chips and paintbrushes and strives to deliver on the promise of care and quality by creating a space that customers will love to call home.

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Each independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchised business practices continuous improvement and are always thinking about how to make the customer experience better – from communicating and collaborating to delivering expert painting techniques.

Painter Spotlights

David De Jesus – CertaPro Painters® of Northern Central Texas

Franchise Owner: Gregg Wilde

David De Jesus

David and his team’s ability to finish jobs quickly while receiving rave reviews from customers have made them an instrumental part of the CertaPro Painters® of Northern Central Texas business. His team is always professional, extremely courteous, and goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are impressed. They provide excellent communication to their customers via the daily updates, and they thoroughly show and explain the work that has taken place during the final “pride walks” upon completion of a job to ensure the customer is happy. This enables them to be very efficient and able to take on new jobs quickly.

David always makes sure the product delivered is of high quality. He has been quoted saying “It has to look good!” In addition to being committed to providing superior service, he is also willing to learn, try new skills, and invest in equipment that helps him be more efficient. Lastly, David’s character is what we strive for at CertaPro Painters®: he speaks highly of his customers, and he is respected and liked by his crew – it’s obvious that they enjoy working together.

Richard Zapata & Oscar Saldivar – CertaPro Painters® of Morristown

Franchise Owner Name: Richard Webber

certapro painter spotlightRich started working with CertaPro Painters® of Morristown in August of 2020 and proved he can take on large and complex projects. His critical thinking and drive for continuous improvement have contributed to CertaPro Painters® of Morristown’s having 2021 be its best year in business since opening in 2013.

From start to finish, protecting and valuing our clients’ homes is a top priority for Rich and his team. No matter how rigorous the schedule, Rich ensures he arrives on time, the floors are protected, and the furniture is covered. The clients are assured that their homes will be respected. When it comes to painting, Rich and his team make sure to deliver more than we promised. Whenever possible, he does pride walks daily with his clients to explain what was completed, and what they plan to work on the following day. Rich takes pride in the quality of the work that he produces. He is continuously perfecting his craft. Walking into each home, his goal is to exceed his customer’s expectations. Rich’s painting team has become one of our highest performing and producing painting teams.

John Williams – CertaPro Painters® of Columbus, Ohio

Franchise Owner Name: Paul Darche

john williamsJohn Williams first started working for CertaPro Painters® of Columbus twenty years ago, at the age of 18. In 2012, John’s life took a pivotal turn as he served time in prison for drug-related issues. After serving his time, John decided to commit to his sobriety and become the best version of himself, including his career as a painter.

Since this commitment, he has worked diligently to evolve himself. John has come to understand that no one is more responsible for the quality of his work than he is. CertaPro Painters® of Columbus now relies on John heavily–he has produced some of our most important work and a few of our largest projects. He has shaped himself into the example that CertaPro® is looking for out of their crews all over the country. He said of himself recently, “Seeing people happy with my work, and seeing what I have accomplished, gives me more of a high than the drugs ever did.”

John Williams is the epitome of CertaPro Painters® core values, including the focus on continuous improvement. John has noted that having good people surrounding him, and knowing those people believe in him, helped him stay on track at work and in life.

John has now been sober for over 5 years.

Jonathan Gutierrez, Misael Martinez & Sergio Martinez – CertaPro Painters® of Cary-Apex, NC

Franchise Owner Name: Robert Troxler

Jonathan Guierrez,Jonathan Gutierrez began working with CertaPro Painters ® of Cary-Apex more than 5 years ago, alongside his father. Within two years, after helping to manage his father’s crew, Jonathan started a crew of his own.

Jonathan and his crew members Misael Martinez and Sergio Martinez are incredibly hard-working. They completed 41 jobs in just nine months last year. We trust this team to handle some of our most complicated projects. A few of their recent jobs have included a cathedral-style church interior, and the interior of a large retail store. Jonathan is a very adept painter and is always eager to expand his skill set. Whether it’s learning how to operate boom and scissor lifts, figuring out how to interpret elevations, learning how to operate a floor grinder, or applying new types of epoxy paint, Jonathan always rises to the challenge. Despite challenges such as overnight, out of town, or weekend projects, Jonathan ensures that customers are always updated throughout the process and that they’re given a final “pride walk” once the project is complete to showcase the final product and explain the work that’s been done.

He is not only a skilled painter, but an excellent communicator and team player. When sales or production staff have a problem pricing a complicated project, they ask Jonathan.

Eduardo Lopez – CertaPro Painters® of Portland

Franchise Owner Name: Dennis and Mary Hodge

eduardo lopezEddie quickly became our go-to painter for medium-sized commercial projects and large residential projects at CertaPro Painters® of Portland. He consistently delivers what he promises, and he works professionally with all customers. His crew has been with him for many years, and their teamwork shows. His son, a college student, works with him in the summer, providing the same excellent communication and hard work as his dad. Eddie takes great care of his crew, bringing them lunch on the jobsite every day and making sure they know they are appreciated.

Eddie does an amazing job of communicating with customers. He takes so much pride in what he does, regularly going above and beyond to do the extra thing that delights a customer, from asking the retail customer what their busiest time is so he is out of the way of customers, to painting the extra railing that wasn’t included just to be sure they are happy.

He arrives at job sites early, thoroughly reads the contract ahead of time and asks great questions to make sure he delivers what CertaPro Painters® of Portland has promised to its clients.

He respects the individual by always taking their needs into consideration and maintaining a calm, professional demeanor even in difficult situations [such as unexpected power outages].

Victor Ibarra, Alex, Daniel, Moises, Wilmer – CertaPro Painters® of Cincinnati & NKY

Franchise Owner Name: David RankinVictor Ibarra, Alex, Daniel, Moises, Wilmer

Victor – along with his team members – take pride not only in their work, but also in the integrity with which they operate. Victor is an excellent leader and role model who takes ownership for the actions of his team. He has been a huge asset in developing lasting relationships with clients, because they know they can trust him.

Victor and his team respect the client as much as they do each other. They are honest and reliable. If they say they will do something, they will do it. The CertaPro Painters® of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky team strives to present ourselves to clients as dependable and fair, and we feel Victor and his team are a perfect representation of that.