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The Road to Ownership

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The Road to Ownership

At CertaPro Painters® we know it is important for a potential business to know the steps that it takes in order to get started. Based on your situation, the due diligence process can happen as quickly or slowly as you need (typically 4 to 6 weeks). Our team of experts will be there to guide you each step of the way.  Below are the main steps of the due diligence process.

Step 1: Inquiry

  • Request for information is made through this site, by calling into our National Call Center, or through third party franchising websites
  • Start communication with our Franchise Development Team – schedule an Initial Call to learn more
  • Qualification is determined during the initial call where you will receive more information on the business and our competitive advantage in the market

Step 2: Initial Research

  • Attend Calls and Webinars ranging from Marketing to Labor (about 3 calls, 30-60 minutes each)
  • Take a personality assessment (Caliper – Personality Profiler)
  • Review personality assessment results

Step 3: FDD Review (Franchise Disclosure Document)

  • Complete FDD review call (about 1 hour)
  • Receive electronic or hard-copy FDD
  • Send FDD receipt & Application (credit check, etc.)

Step 4: Validation

  • Speak with existing franchisees for validation

Step 5: Meet the Team Day

  • Formal invitation to attend Meet the Team Day
  • Attend our virtual Meet the Team Day and participate in a behind-the-scenes look at the brand with some of the CertaPro Painters® Executive Team Members

Step 6: Award Franchise

  • Set up your business following the CertaPro® Startup Checklist (2-5 weeks)
  • Obtain License (varies by state)

Ready to Start Your Own Franchise?

CertaPro Painters® is here to help you create your own success story.

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