Chapter 4: Get inspired to paint your South Shore home

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Getting inspired to paint (the fun part!)

You likely have many Pinterest photos, but nothing beats working with a color consultant or designer in-person to make sure the the painting company executes your vision.

You’ll be walking into your kitchen every morning for the next dozen years looking at the wall color you’ve chosen, so it’s important to get the paint color right.

Designers are used to advising homeowners on interior colors and can often see things we mere mortals cannot.  If the painting company you’re working with doesn’t have a designer on staff, check your local Facebook group or ask your friends for a recommendation of a designer who is good with color.

Some designers can create computer renderings of what your space will look like in different wall colors – take advantage of this if you’re having a hard time visualizing the final look.

Interior design considerations:

“I like my neighbor’s dining room color, can you paint that for me?”

Sure, but we’ll have to adjust the paint color to your lighting.  Because color looks different in different light, it’s never a good idea to paint the exact color formula your friend uses without first ensuring that it will look the same in your space.

A designer can help “adjust” the color so that it looks the same in your lighting, even if it’s not the exact same color formula your friend has.

“Where can I get inspired to choose interior paint colors?”

    • Nature: Take a walk outside. Nature often reveals interesting color combinations that can be recreated inside.
    • Art: Browse through art galleries or art websites.  You can have paint matched to any color so if you find a color that works in a piece of art, use that as a starting place for sampling the paint color.
    • Fashion: Your favorite outfits and fashion trends can inspire room colors. But don’t be a slave to trends – choose a color you love, not just one that’s on trend.
    • Consider Your Existing Decor: Use colors from a beloved piece of art, rug, or furniture as a starting point.
    • Mood and Atmosphere: Decide on the mood you want to set in the space. Calming? Energetic? Romantic? This can help narrow down colors.
    • Use Technology:
      • Paint Apps: Many paint brands have apps where you can upload a photo of your room and test different colors.
      • Pinterest: Create a board specifically for your room and pin rooms you love. You might start to see a pattern in color preferences.
    • Visit a Paint Store: Grab paint chips and samples. Most often, paint colors look different in the store than they do in your home – so that “pale pink” on that tiny paint chip at the paint store looks like Bazooka Bubblegum when its painted on your wall.

Ask for Opinions, but Trust Your Gut:

    • It can be helpful to get input from friends or family, but remember it’s your space. Go with what makes you happiest.
    • If you know the look you want, consider working with a designer to ensure the color you think you’re getting is the color you end up with once it’s painted.

Try something a bit unusual:

Navy blue wainscot in hallway.
Using navy blue paint on the wainscot makes this entryway just a bit different.

Paint walls and molding the same color (very dramatic)

Paint the ceiling and walls a different color (great in kids’ rooms)

Choose a wainscot color other than white.

Consider an accent wall (or walls)