10 Questions to Ask Your Interior House Painter


1. Can you provide a detailed and written quote outlining all of the specifications and ALL prices for the project, including paint and labor?

2. Which paint product will you be using to paint my home? For example a painter should not just write: “Sherwin Williams Paint” but “Sherwin Williams Duration Home.” This is because each brand of paint (such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore) has many grades of paint from cheap to expensive and fair to excellent. You want to make sure you’re getting a great paint grade, so the paint job lasts longer.

3. How soon can you get this project done? This is especially important if you are counting on your walls being painted by the time you are having a party. At CertaPro Painters of the South Shore we usually have a crew standing by for “last minute” projects.

4. Is there a designer on staff to help me choose colors for my interior painting? At CertaPro Painters of the South Shore we have three in-home designers who help our customers choose interior and exterior colors, free of charge.

5. Do you provide free large color samples (8” x 8”) so I don’t have to choose the color from a small paint chip? We’re so passionate about you getting the color right, we’ll even provide free large color samples for do-it-yourselfers. Just email us and we’ll mail them out to you within a week, free of charge.

6. Can you fix or install mouldings (baseboard, trim, window sills, crown), before you paint?

7. How is payment handled? Is there a deposit needed? Can I pay by credit card? Do you provide financing (i.e. no interest for 6 months)? Do you offer any discounts?

8. Do you offer a written warranty on the painting?

9. Can I get references or read reviews from some of your interior residential customers?

10. How soon can I schedule a quote?  If you find you can’t find a convenient time by using our online scheduler, just email [email protected] and we’ll get you right in!

If we can be of service, even if it’s not about one of our painting projects, email Paige at [email protected]. We’re happy to help.