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Garage Painting Services

It’s not often that garages get a lot of love beyond the purchase of your home, but when it comes to renovations or choosing a new color palette for your home, it’s important to not forget about your garages. Painting your garage and/or garage doors can instant boost the curb-appeal of your home and increase your home’s value. A simple addition of paint and hardware can make a huge difference in the look of your house. If you’re looking to paint the exterior or the interior of your house, consider painting your garage walls and door to match the rest of your home.

CertaPro Painters® of Anoka offers garage door and interior garage painting for homes in and around the Anoka, Minnesota areas. Our team has the professional painting experience to bring your home and garages to life. Get started today on your garage painting project by contacting our painters at 800-462-3782 or filling out our free, no-obligation estimate form online.

Interior Garage Painting

No matter the size or garage use, our CertaPro Painters® can match your color and repaint your garage's interior walls to improve your garage's overall aesthetic.

Vinyl Garage Doors

For this common type of garage door, the best paint to use is a latex exterior. Oil-based paints are not recommended for this material type, as the vinyl material won’t allow the paint to adhere to its surface.

Wooden Garage Doors

It’s important to consider its natural color, what color you are aiming for, and if it has been painted previously. If the wood is bare, you will need to apply a stain-blocking primer if you’re going with a color that is lighter than its natural color.

Metal Garage Doors

Oil-based paint is the best choice for metal doors due to its rust-fighting properties.

3 Tips for Garage Painting

Do Your Prep Work

The easiest and most cost effective way to update your garage is with a new coating of paint. To start this task, you’ll need to clean the door first. Use a putty knife to remove any chipping or flaking paint.

For metal garages, do not use sandpaper to clean away flakes. You are better off using a household cleaner diluted with water and a soft bristle brush to clean the door. For wooden doors, use sandpaper or a sander to remove rough patches. Follow it up by cleaning with a de-greasing solution.

Once you have cleaned either door type, use a garden hose to clean away any leftover cleaner that is remaining. Allow the door to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Care for the Hardware

Adding new hardware to your garage is the finishing touch for this project. If your door had handles or any other hardware on the front of it, you could get some replacement items for a fully finished look. This small update will shock you at how big of a difference there is between the new door you’ve painted and the old one you had.

Painting Techniques

When painting the garage door, you should use an angled brush to cut in any areas that is difficult to paint. These include the borders of the door, any embossing or crack and crannies that could be missed later. Next, use a roller or sprayer to apply the paint to the rest of the garage door. For sprayers, make sure you are working with tape and drop cloths to catch over spray. For rollers, use a small nap to avoid too much texture being left behind. For the interior of the garage, you can use a normal paint roller or flat sash brush.


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