Interior House Painting Pricing Guide

For homes in the South Shore & Boston, MA Areas

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How much will it cost to paint my home’s interior?

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Bathroom size 6’ x 9’


Door and Door Frameper side$110
Window Frame & Sill per window$30
Window Sash(per window, 4-15 panes)$80

Standard 12’ X 12’ bedroom


Accent wall$185
Baseboard Moulding$90
Door and Door Frameprice per side$110
Window Frame & Sill(per window)$30
Window Sash (per window, 4-15 panes)$80

Living room or family room: Size: 18’ x 24’


Baseboard, Crown Moulding or Chair Rail(each)$150
Standard door and door frameprice per side$110
Window Frame & Sillper window$30
Window Sash (per window, 4-15 panes)$80

Kitchen with eat-in area: Size 16’ x 28’


Baseboard Moulding$90
Door and Door frameprice per side$110
Window Frame & Sillper window$30
Window Sash (per window, 4-15 panes)$80

Master bedroom 15’ X 20’


Baseboard Moulding$125
Door and Door frameprice per side$110
Window Frame & Sillper window$30
Window Sash (per window, 4-15 panes)$80

Master Bathroom Size: 12’ x 14’


Baseboard Moulding$100
Door and Door frameprice per side$110
Window Frame & Sillper window$30
Window Sash (per window, 4-15 panes)$80

Foyer with 14’ Ceilings


Foyer and staircase walls$900
Moulding including wainscot & baseboard, Stair Risers, Stair Trim$600-800

Dining Room Size 14’x16’


Baseboard $120
Crown Moulding$120
Standard door and door frame, price per side$110
Window Frame & Sill per window$30
Window Sashper window, 4-15 panes$80


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* All wall surfaces are based on 8′ high ceilings. If you have…
10′ high ceilings add 25%
12′ high ceilings add 50%
15′ high ceilings add 75%

Factors that affect interior paint pricing:

Many people want to understand our pricing to help them budget their project, so we’ve put together the above room-by-room guide with photos to help you budget. Understand that the prices published here are averages, and some things might affect the price up or down from these ballpark estimates.

In general, these factors will affect the cost of the project:

1) The number of surfaces we’ll be painting will affect the price. For example, will we be painting your trim? Walls? Doors? Baseboard and crown molding?
2) The conditions of the surfaces we’ll be painting makes a difference in preparation cost. If there are lots of dings, scratches, or holes in the surfaces, we’ll need to add more labor time to your quote to fill and sand them. Surfaces like horsehair plaster or wallpaper removal also change these conditions.
3) Wall height is a factor because painting an 8-foot ceiling is much easier to paint than a 16-foot foyer.
4) Will you be changing colors? Sometimes if you’re changing colors to something much darker or much lighter it will require more coats of paint to cover over the old color. In general, we quote projects with 2 coats of paint if they are the same or a similar color to the surface paint we’ll be covering. We’ll need 3 or even 4 coats if we’re painting over very different color, (for example, if we’re changing the color on a yellow wall to brown).
5) One thing that won’t affect your price is Our in-home designer who helps you choose colors that work with your current furnishings. This is a free service once you choose us as your painter.
6) Sometimes a client will have us bid on a multi-room project and then decide that they only want to do one room at a time.  This is a tricky situation because the original price is based on doing all of the rooms at once, with only one “trip charge.”  If you’d like to break up a larger project into small pieces, understand that the per-room price will now be higher since we have to make multiple trips and set up our supplies/paint multiple times.

These are just some of the factors that contribute to the price of painting the interior of your home. Below you will find some examples of some common-sized rooms. All wall prices are based on 2 coats of paint and all ceilings, trim surfaces, and doors are based on a 1 coat refresh of a solid mid-grade paint from recognized paint companies. The prices below are based on painting the walls and then adding other surfaces. The price includes standard prep for each surface being painted. Prices may vary based on the total rooms and surfaces being done during the project.

Assumptions that accompany these prices:

Wall & ceiling prices are based on 2 coats of paint.

Doors & trim 1 coat of paint (baseboard, door frames, crown molding, wainscot).

Mid-grade paint such as Sherwin Williams Duration Home or Benjamin Moore Regal. Choosing a decent paint matters, and will almost always save you money in labor costs.