Multi-Location Restaurant Chain

Changing interior color scheme

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Color consultation and architectural color renderings for your Commercial Space

Multi-Location Restaurant Chain – Changing interior color scheme
Our Client is a National Restaurant Chain with locations throughout the Boston area:

We performed painting and color consultation to this restaurant chain:

Color consultation: Our Commercial designer helped the Client narrow down choices in a free, 4-hour appointment where we reviewed the current restaurant furnishings and colors that would blend nicely with them.


Paint Color Selection for Restaurants

Several color palettes were presented to the Client using colors that would match the building’s somewhat historic aesthetic, while also blending with the current furnishings and floor coverings.

“Dirt hide” colors were of particular interest to the Client who wanted the painting job to last as long as possible, especially in high traffic areas of the restaurant.


Architectural renderings of paint colors: Once the Client chose the colors, we provided (free) architectural renderings of the space in full color.  This allowed the Client to present the project in a professional manner to their supervisors in a highly visual way that would allow for easier sign off on the painting project.


Night and weekend work: We performed all painting at night and on weekends while the restaurant and business were closed.  There was no extra cost to the Client for this service as we have a night-crew available for this type of work.


Low-VOC paints were used to reduce and eliminate the paint fumes the restaurant patrons and workers might inhale the first few days after we painted the restaurant.  This was particularly important as the food the restaurant served needed to be the only obvious smell in the space.

We paint a lot more than restaurants and we’ll be happy to tell you more about our Commercial Painting capabilities for condominiums, property management, industrial and retail projects.  Just email Paige at [email protected] with your questions or to get a quote on your Commercial Painting project.


Final Rendering

This was the final rendering with colors selected after the consulting project.

Before Color Change

This photo shows the initial color selection / palate for comparison against the above rendering.