Interior Hallway Painting Project

for a private school in the Boston area.

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Commercial Case Study – School Hallway Painting Project

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Our Client is a private school in the Boston area concerned about maintaining a clean environment, especially in the Covid-era.

We painted the interior hallways of the school in five different school buildings, as follows:

  • Used an anti-microbial paint on high touch surfaces including on the walls of the hallways and in the nurse’s office. The EPA-registered paint we used kills 99.9% of Staph, MRSA, E. Coli, VRE.
  • Eliminated graffiti from walls and inside lockers using a graffiti removal solution prior to painting.
  • Re-painted interiors and exteriors of locker doors using a scratch resistant coating for longevity.
  • Night and weekend painting – we did all painting in off hours so the school could stay open during school hours. We started the project during summer vacation in order to maximize time in the empty buildings.
  • Coordinated our time in each hallway with the school’s custodial staff who was performing nighttime “deep cleaning,” so we could be out of their way.

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