Step by step instructions for fixing a hole in drywall

Step by step instructions for fixing a hole in drywall:damaged drywall repair south shore ma

It’s simple to fix a hole in drywall – in fact there are many $12 patch kits at hardware stores and home centers that have all of the materials you need to do it yourself.

Fixing a drywall hole is a great life-skill to teach kids aged 12+ and quite satisfying because even a beginner can get a decent result. If its a repair you are not comfortable with, our team can also assist with professional drywall repair services.



How to fix a small hole in drywall – this assumes the hole is smaller than the size of a fist:

1. Start by gathering your patience and take your time.

2. Keep the piece of wall so you can bring that piece to the paint store and have the paint matched perfectly.

3. Clean out the hole – no loose materials or ragged edges (like fallen pieces inside the hole)

4. Put a piece of mesh tape over the hole.

drywall mesh tape

5. Fill the mesh tape with joint compound in a thin layer – the thinner the better as you will be adding several layers of drywall compound in this process.

6. Let drywall compound dry.

7. Sand drywall compound lightly to a smooth finish – you are looking for smooth edges so you can’t “feel” where the end of the hole ends and the beginning of the wall starts.

sanding drywall

8. Put another coat of joint compound over in another thin layer and sand lightly again another time or two.

9. Let dry and sand really well so that there is no “edge” between your former hole and the wall. Use your hands to feel that it feels smooth.

10. Paint the patched wall using a matching paint. If you don’t have touch up paint on hand, have the paint color matched at the paint store using the piece of wall you have kept for this purpose in step #2.

If you have any questions about drywall, painting or anything else, just email [email protected]. We’re happy to answer you questions even if you’re doing the project yourself.